• 20 hours WhatsApp is Now Available on This ‘Relatively New’ Feature Phone OS Techweez
    WhatsApp is one of those few apps that are available on most platforms. Its cross platform availability is its best feature and that is not ending soon. We live in an era where we generally have two main platforms for phones: Android and iOS. Feature phones have been relegated but ... more
  • 23 hours Kenya Airports Authority is Dumping Junk Aircraft at Rock Bottom Prices Techweez
    The large pieces of flying metal that are infused with aircraft technology cannot rule the skies forever. So, what happens when they fail or just give up? Well, airlines can decide to ground them for decommissioning purposes, and in some instances, they can sell them to interested parties who may ... more
  • 23 hours Instagram Began Testing Hidden Likes. People Are Loving Them and Yes, Influencers Will Do Just Fine. Techweez
    Instagram has been testing hiding likes from posted photos after announcing it three months ago at this year’s Facebook’s annual developer conference with a motive to lessen the pressure on the platform. Instagram has been a platform for contesting for popularity and the giant photo-sharing social network initiative of hiding ... more
  • 2 days NSO Group Improved Their WhatsApp Spyware, It Can Now Pry Your Google, Facebook and iCloud Data Techweez
    If you thought the WhatsApp hack by NSO Group early this year was worse, the Israeli company has now improved their spyware to do even more prying. In May, WhatsApp had a critical vulnerability that let attackers install Pegasus through a call that exposed civil rights activists and dissidents to ... more
  • 2 days Asus ROG II is the Most Gamer Phone Yet Techweez
    Gaming phones started becoming a trend last year and Asus had one: The ROG phone. It had an aggressive design, fans, 90Hz OLED screen and of course the top end CPU at the time. Well, recently, Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 855 Plus which was a souped up version of the ... more
  • 2 days OPPO Announces Reno 10x Zoom with Shark Fin Pop-Up Camera in Kenya Techweez
    Remember when the Huawei P30 Pro hit the headlines with its fantastic zoom lens that does up to 5X optical zoom? Well, its Chinese home rival, OPPO, has the same camera trick in the name of OPPO Reno 10x Zoom that just went live in the Kenyan market. OPPO has ... more
  • 2 days Google to Settle Privacy Abuses and Job Discrimination Case in Multi-million Payout Techweez
    In most cases, tech corporations do not run their operations smoothly. Since the organizations command a substantial market share, they are always under scrutiny for any missteps, which is what happened to search giant Google that has since been sued for a series of malpractices. The American company was accused ... more
  • 5 days Smartphones Priced Between Kshs 20,000 and Kshs 25,000 are the Real Deal Techweez
    You can get a smartphone from basically any price bracket. Cheaper phones usually have basic specs and expensive phones have relatively better specifications. However, hanks to the law of diminishing returns, the value of what you’re paying for decreases as you get a more expensive phone. This is why I ... more
  • 5 days Uninstall These Chrome and Firefox Extensions Immediately as They’re Collecting and Selling Your Data Techweez
    Everybody on the internet is out to get your data. Some Chrome and Firefox extensions have now been revealed to harvest your data without your consent. This changes how we treat freeware – if it’s free, you should know that you are are the product. The Washington Post posted findings ... more
  • 5 days Xiaomi Mi A3 Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
    The Xiaomi Mi A3 is here to take over from the standards set by the Mi A2. The new kid on the block has all the possible upgrades we could think of, but it falls short in some. For instance, its chipset is not that much of an upgrade, nor ... more
  • 5 days At $140, is Mara X Really a Smartphone for the African Mass Market? Techweez
    Mara Corporation entered the smartphone market with the Mara X budget device earlier this year. The company also makes Mara Z, their flagship smartphone. Mara announced that they were going to produce these phones in Africa early last year to serve the continent and export to other countries too. In ... more
  • 5 days Mara Z Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
    Mara Z is among the smartphones produced by Mara Corporation that also makes Mara X. The Mara Z is a flagship offering from the company and packs features such as a 5.7″ display with Gorilla Glass protection and oleophobic coating, Android One, 3GB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage plus ... more
  • 5 days Mara X Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
    Mara X is among the smartphones produced by Mara Corporation that also makes Mara Z. The Mara X is a budget offering from the company and packs features such as a 5.5″ display with Gorilla Glass protection and oleophobic coating, Android 8.1 Oreo (Go Edition), 1GB RAM and 16GB of ... more
  • 6 days Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Gets New Update That Improves Camera and Touch Performance Techweez
    Huawei’s latest phone in this market is the Y9 Prime 2019 and it is quite a stunner. It was launched towards the end of last month in the Kenyan market and it is a damn good phone. When it was launched, it was running Android Pie with the May 2019 ... more
  • 6 days KRA Proposes New IT System to Monitor Daily Business Sales Techweez
    The use of IT services has long been used by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to meet tax targets and identify tax cheats in the system. The advent of new methods to help businesses work more efficiently has, in some cases, affected the manner taxes and revenues are collected. For ... more
  • 6 days Huawei to Venture into Smart TVs Using HongMeng OS Techweez
    Huawei is set to showcase its first Smart TV this August that will reportedly run on its in-house operating system, HongMengOS or Harmony OS depending on where it will be sold. The Smart TV will debut the new operating system which was not only slated for smartphones but also other broad ... more
  • 6 days Kenyans Warned Against Buying Over a Thousand Stolen Laptops Techweez
    Did you record the serial number of your laptop when you bought it? Did you buy a new device, or you wanted to save some money like most of us who pick ones in mint condition? Well, because the majority of laptops do not have cellular radios as our phones, ... more
  • 6 days Microsoft’s OneNote for Android Is Getting a Dark Mode Techweez
    Microsoft really wants all its apps across all the platforms to feature a dark theme or dark mode. Following leaked screenshots of dark mode for Outlook, OneNote is next. Beta testers of the note-taking app from Microsoft have started seeing dark mode on the app. The update is server-side and ... more
  • 6 days Huduma Bill 2019 Proposes Mandatory New Identity Issuance, Tied to All Gov’t Services Techweez
    Huduma Namba has attracted its fair share of publicity since it was made official sometime towards the end of 2018. The new identification system is defended as a better system than the ordinary ID cards that have reportedly, from time to time, been limiting in terms of practical uses. The ... more
  • 6 days US Democrats Ask the FBI, FTC to Start Investigations on FaceApp Techweez
    FaceApp that went viral after launching 2 years ago is back in the news and not for the right reasons/ The app uses algorithms that analyze your photo and predicts how old or young you’d look. And for the same reason as 2017, the old person filter has made the app ... more
  • 7 days FaceApp Responds To the Privacy Concerns From their Terms & Conditions Techweez
      You may have seen a lot of photos being posted everywhere on social media of how people would look if they were old. Face App has become viral the last few days and people seem to like it. However, the app has brought about privacy concerns thanks to its ... more
  • 7 days Safaricom Launches BLAZE LINK, An Udemy-Like E-Learning Platform Techweez
    Safaricom sub-brand BLAZE has grown its name, and is one of the carrier’s markers as far as curating products for young people is concerned. Over the years, BLAZE has ensured it offers products and services to its target audience that match their financial muscle, including data and voice products, as ... more
  • 7 days Xiaomi Mi A3 is Official With an OLED Display, In-screen Fingerprint Scanner Techweez
    Xiaomi’s presence in the smartphone business has been cemented and is one of the key phone makers in the world after the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple. It has also invested in the idea of sub-brands that target different groups (for instance, there is the Redmi that for budget ... more
  • 7 days FaceApp Goes Viral Again But It Has Cheeky Terms & Conditions Techweez
    FaceApp has gone viral again and you can understand why. The app uses algorithms that analyzes your photo and predicts how old or young you’d look. The ‘old person’ filter has proven to be very popular (AGAIN) and you might have seen celebrities post photos like this You kids today ... more
  • 7 days Chinese Drama Shows Now Shot Vertical from the Ground up for Smartphone Viewing Techweez
    If you’re looking to binge content made for vertical viewing on your device, look no further than Chinese drama shows that are made in a vertical format. Various apps have tried to crack the code from Instagram’s IGTV, Spotify’s vertical music videos and Snap Originals. We’ve seen most of the ... more
  • 7 days Android and Apple Are Getting New Emojis to Celebrate World Emoji Day Techweez
    Today is World Emoji Day and to celebrate this day, both Android and Apple’s iOS and macOS are sharing details on new emojis coming to these popular operating systems. The Unicode Consortium approved the new emojis that are part of Emoji 12.0 that will come with Android Q, iOS 13 ... more
  • 1 week These Are the Huawei and Honor Devices Getting GPU Turbo 3.0 Techweez
    Huawei and Honor have recently announced a global update for its devices getting EMUI 9.1 and Magic UI 2.1 respectively which will also now be getting GPU Turbo 3.0. The update to get GPU Turbo was limited to recent phones but now older devices will be getting the update too ... more
  • 1 week Samsung to Roll out One UI 2.0 with Android Q Update Techweez
    South Korean tech giant Samsung recently got a new custom skin, One UI which is way better than TouchWiz and as Android Q nears public launch, we now know that the next version of One UI will be a 2.0 that Samsung devices will get along Android Q update plus ... more
  • 1 week Regulators Still Slowing Down 4G Adoption Techweez
    The growth of mobile subscriptions is nothing new if data by our very own the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is anything to go by. On the whole, carriers net new customers from time to time, and the trend is replicated across several markets, especially those that report notable population ... more
  • 1 week Microsoft Outlook for Android and iOS Are Both Getting Dark Mode Techweez
    The dark mode wave isn’t stopping anytime soon as more and more apps get this feature. The latest app to join ship is Microsoft’s Outlook for Android and iOS according to leaks. The Redmond tech giant announced plans of launching dark mode on its email client app last year to ... more
  • 1 week Uber to Limit Access to App for Rude Riders Techweez
      When they are not battling unimplemented MoUs, they are, in some cases, accused of going to the extremes when handling rider issues. But, have e-taxi apps ever been on the side of their driver-partners? Some may say No, because, as it has been the case in the last few ... more
  • 1 week US Companies May Resume Trading with Huawei Within a Month Techweez
    Since May, the US government and China have been involved in a trade war and Huawei was greatly affected by this move. Huawei trades with a lot of US companies and the executive order barred these companies from trading with the Chinese company. However, late last month, Trump announced in ... more
  • 1 week Twitter Rolls out the Biggest Redesign to Its Website in 7 Years, Borrows Features from Its App Techweez
    Your experience on Twitter for the desktop is about to get better even if while they were testing the redesign, a lot of tweeps were conflicted but the new interface is here. The online news and social networking site is getting an overhaul, its biggest in nearly 7 years since it ... more
  • 1 week Files Shared on WhatsApp and Telegram Are Vulnerable to Hackers Techweez
    Instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram have enabled a lot of people out there share stuff over their networks easily. They have become that indispensable and that is why such a report by Symantec is a bit worrying. Symantec says that new research has revealed a ‘Media file jacking’ ... more
  • 1 week Kenya E-taxi Drivers Engage in a Go Slow, Cite Unmet Promises Techweez
    The bad blood between e-taxi drivers and their employers (or business partners) did not start yesterday. The strained relationship between the two businesses can be traced to as far as early 2017 when Uber driver-partners downed their tools to force the American corporation to adjust its compensation model in favour ... more
  • 1 week Here is a Brief Timeline of the Tussle Between Sports Betting Firms and Kenya Government Techweez
    Sports betting is not a new activity in the country. It began local operations way back in the 1960s when the state introduced the first Gaming Act. At that time, however, sports betting, among other forms of gambling, were limited to casinos and similar premises. Fast forward to five decades ... more
  • 1 week This Instagram Loophole Allowed Hackers to Access Accounts Within 10 Minutes Techweez
    Any software or computer system is vulnerable to hacks. This is why companies pay to keep their systems secure or pay people who spot critical vulnerabilities. This problem is further compounded with tech companies who can be in serious trouble if they have serious vulnerabilities in their systems. Well, Instagram ... more
  • 1 week 3 Chrome Extensions That Protect You from Trackers That Monitor Your Browsing Activities Techweez
    Most people who surf the web have become more aware that their browsing habits can be monitored by trackers advertisers place on their webpages. These trackers gather your browsing history plus other settings that altogether form a user profile in what is known as fingerprinting. Most browsers such as Firefox ... more
  • 1 week Google Photos Has a Serious Privacy Flaw Techweez
    Yeah, Google’s commitment to privacy isn’t going so well with this recent revelation. If you use Google Photos, there’s something you need to know and if you care about your privacy, you should be concerned and here’s why. If you take lots of photos and like sharing them with your ... more
  • 1 week Huawei Files Trademark for Harmony OS in the EU Techweez
    Huawei’s latest trademark is for their in-house operating system. The Chinese tech giant has filed a trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The company is registering another name for their OS – Harmony. The application, which is currently under examination, was filed Friday last week. Harmony, Ark, HongMeng ... more
  • 2 weeks Communication Authority Hints Airtel-Telkom Kenya Imminent Merger Approval Techweez
    It has been a while since the proposed merger between Telkom and Airtel Kenya was communicated to the masses. As has been the case with regulations, the development was subject to approval by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA). The process was amplified a few weeks ago by Telkom Kenya ... more
  • 2 weeks Google is Working on Yet Another Social Network Techweez
    Google is a hugely successful company but there is one area they haven’t done so well: social networking. Google Plus died the other day, Google Allo too but it seems Google is not giving up yet on social networking. According to Android Police, Google is working on a social networking site which ... more
  • 2 weeks Microsoft is Discontinuing Old Games on Older Windows Versions Techweez
    Gaming is part of the culture of owning a computer. These games range from simple games that come preloaded with Windows and the more complex ones people buy. Microsoft used to preload Windows with fun games back in the day. This included games that you could play over the Internet ... more
  • 2 weeks Huawei to Join 5G Race with A Tablet-sized Mate 20 X 5G Techweez
    It cannot be denied that the next batch of phones are going to tout 5G as their groundbreaking tech that should, theoretically, make you give money to phone manufacturers. The technology, which is the apparent successor of 4G LTE has received far-reaching media attention, mainly because it is better whilst ... more
  • 2 weeks Huawei Set to Unveil EMUI 10 on August 9th Techweez
    Huawei really wants to get lots of things done before the August 19th which is when the temporary reprieve ends and the company is planning to unveil EMUI 10 on the 9th at their annual Developer conference that starts on the same day. EMUI 10 will be the latest version ... more
  • 2 weeks YouTube for Android Now Rolling out Topic Filters on the Homepage Techweez
    The giant Google-owned video sharing platform, YouTube is launching new features including hiding comments and subscriber counts by default, a revamped UI on YouTube TV and delete politically incorrect content and channels. The platform is now rolling out topic filters on its homepage on the Android app. The topic filters ... more
  • 2 weeks Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks Again Less than a Month to Launch Techweez
    The next Samsung Galaxy Note flagship is about to be unveiled in less than a month and as always there are leaks. The Galaxy Note 10 is the next flagship Note device from Samsung and there is a lot of hype around it. There is the usual expectations like great ... more
  • 2 weeks Kenyans Feature Heavily Among Millions Who Stream Premier League Matches Illegally Techweez
    Let us not kid ourselves: people who have access to unlimited internet get to do all manner of things. This has been the case with Nairobian, among other locals who have the privilege to choose from a variety of ISPs, some of which sell bandwidth for a steal in a ... more
  • 2 weeks These Are the Huawei and Honor Devices Getting the EMUI 9.1 Update Techweez
    Huawei has had a really tough time this past couple of weeks after the US Trade Ban but since they were granted a temporary reprieve, they’ve been pushing updates to their current devices including upgrading them to Android Pie and getting them EMUI 9.1. Huawei has upgraded over 80 million devices ... more
  • 2 weeks Snapchat Signs up Kevin Hart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Chamberlain, Rickey Thompson and More for New Original Shows Techweez
    Snapchat is on a roll here as it adds more new original shows to the more than 80 it already has. With VidCon beginning today, the giant social media platform has announced that it’s making new and original shows from online personalities like Rickey Thompson, Emma Chamberlain, Loren Gray, FaZe Banks, Baby Ariel, Jordyn Jones, Spencer ... more
  • 2 weeks Pinterest Launches 4 New Video Tools for Creators and Brands Techweez
    Vidcon 2019 begins today and Pinterest announced 4 New video tools for brands and creators. The social media site that recently went public allows users to share visual boards, discover new interests by pinning images and videos using their own boards or from other users plus browsing what other users ... more
  • 2 weeks Government Orders Suspension of Betting Firms’ PayBill Numbers Techweez
    The government has decided to direct teclos with mobile money services to withdraw paybill numbers of betting companies. According to Citizen, the Betting Control and Licensing Board Acting Director, Liti Wambua said that the licences of the 27 firms remain withdrawn hence their payment platforms should be suspended. The affected firms include ... more
  • 2 weeks Google Chrome for Android Now Lets You Manually Edit Saved Passwords Techweez
    Google’s password management site is a handy site for viewing, copying and deleting all the passwords you’ve set up with the Chrome browser and it is now getting a much-needed upgrade – here’s why: Previously users couldn’t manually edit their passwords saved here but now you’ll be able to do ... more
  • 2 weeks Facebook Launches New Product Experimentation(NPE) Team Techweez
    The New Product Experimentation(NPE) team is a new brand from Facebook that will be tasked with launching consumer experimental apps for various platforms including Android, iOS and the web too. Facebook says that the separation is to help set the appropriate expectations with users that NPE Team apps will change very ... more
  • 2 weeks Android Q to Ship with Swipe down to Access the Notification Bar from Anywhere on Your Screen Feature Techweez
    As our handhelds get bigger, they make it impossible to access certain parts of the screen such as the Notification Shade and Android Q wants to fix this on system level instead of users relying on custom launchers or if you’re lucky, smartphone companies UI skins that pack this feature ... more
  • 2 weeks Public Suicide Post on Instagram Prompts Denmark to Regulate the Influencer Space Techweez
    Just how much power does a digital influencer command? How serious, or to what extent do we align to the message passed by influencers that have taken advantage of the online marketing boom thanks to the growth of social platforms such as Facebook and people’s current darling, Instagram and YouTube? ... more
  • 2 weeks Hurrah! for Android TV Users as the Platform Picks Amazon Prime Video Support Techweez
    People who love watching TV shows from a variety of streaming services have always been aware of the shortcomings packaged in their boxes, especially for folks that use Android TV set-top boxes or Fire TV by Amazon. This is because the two tech corporations had in the past been entangled ... more
  • 2 weeks Dark Mode Is Now on Google Keep for the Web – Here’s How to Enable It Techweez
    Looks like 2019 is the year of embracing dark mode. Early this May, dark mode rolled out to the Google Keep Android app and people wanted this feature to come to the web version of Keep, Google’s note-taking service that was launched in March 2013. The prayers have been answered. ... more
  • 2 weeks Launchers like Nova Make Android Q Break Its Default Gesture Navigation Techweez
    Custom launchers have come so far from when stock Android and smartphone user interfaces and skins weren’t that nice to look at. Android Q wants to end them and here’s why Google doesn’t want you installing launchers like Nova. This is how Google wants to do that When a custom ... more
  • 2 weeks Qualcomm Announces 64 bit Snapdragon 215 for Budget Smartphones Techweez
    Qualcomm today has revealed their newest system on a chip (SoC) targeted for the lower end of the smartphone market and it is quite interesting. The Snapdragon 215 is the name of the SoC and it includes support for features that we  have seen trickling down to budget smartphones. First is that ... more
  • 2 weeks Microsoft Paints the Grave Nature of the Kenyan Cyberspace in New Report Techweez
    Over the last several years, there has been a disturbingly high number of cybercrime cases across the globe. Kenya is one of the countries that are affected, and these cyber intrusions continue to influence the economic and strategic growth of the nation – including recent cases where a series of ... more
  • 2 weeks Do You Need Visual C++ Redistributable? Techweez
    Have you ever wondered why there are Visual C++ Redistributables programs on your computer? Have you ever wanted to remove them but you are not quite sure of their importance? If yes, then you are reading the right article. We will take a look at why you need a Visual ... more
  • 2 weeks Apple Testing Biometric Login on iCloud Sign-in Techweez
    iCloud is an essential Apple service that iOS users regularly use and it is about to get a significant update. According to MacRumors, Apple is testing a new way of signing into iCloud using biometric means. A tipster told the publication that users running a beta version of iOS 13, ... more
  • 2 weeks British Airways is Facing a Record £183m Fine Over Data Breach Techweez
    British Airways, the well known UK airline is facing a serious fine over a data breach that happened last year. The airline is apparently facing a record £183m fine that is thanks to a data breach that happened in 2018. What happened was that users of British Airways website were diverted ... more
  • 2 weeks OPPO K3 Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
    OPPO is on a roll here launching budget devices with flagship specs. The OPPO K3 will be the first budget phone to rock a pop-up selfie camera just like the one that rocks the OPPO F11 Pro and Huawei Y9 Prime 2019. The OPPO K3 will be a successor to the ... more
  • 2 weeks Xiaomi Mi CC9e to Ship Internationally as Mi A3 with Android One Techweez
    Xiaomi recently announced a new series of their phones, the CC brand after discontinuing and launching the Xiaomi Mi CC9e, Mi CC9 and Mi CC9 Meitu Edition. The new phones are developed by Xiaomi in collaboration with Meitu for a young demographic who want camera focussed devices with flagship specs and creative ... more
  • 2 weeks Duplicate Kenya Data Protection Bills 2018 Delay Vote Techweez
      Data protection regulations have become a norm in different states across the world. In particular, the growth of internet-based products and services have prompted regulators and legislators to create some form of legal framework to protect user data from misuse, and this has primarily been the case in recent ... more
  • 2 weeks Huawei’s HongMengOS Is More Than Just an Android Replacement, Slated for Use by IoT Devices and Self-Driving Cars Techweez
    Donald Trump recently lifted the USA Trade ban on Huawei but the tech giant is still awaiting official communication regarding the use of Android on its future phones while working on HongMengOS. HongMengOS is Huawei’s own Android replacement that the company has been working on for the past couple of ... more
  • 3 weeks Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Now Available in Stores Across Kenya Techweez
    Huawei recently unveiled the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 late last month and started taking pre-orders via Jumia which ended yesterday. The phone got over 1000 pre-orders within the pre-order short period after launch. The Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 is an upgrade from last year’s Huawei Y9 2019 and we’ve been ... more
  • 3 weeks Future of Manufacturing is Bright as 53 percent Kenya Firms Plan to Automate Services Techweez
    In a market that is striving to bump up the performance of its manufacturing sector, it can safely be concluded that the industry is lagging behind, at least as far as the roadmap towards achieving the goals set forth by the Big 4 Agenda and Vision 2030 is concerned. The ... more
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