• 8 hours The Automation of the National Police Force Kicks Off With Digitized OB and HR Functions Techweez
    The automation of Police Services has been launched today. The project, which is conducted by the National Police Service, will see the start of the Utumumishi Project that constitutes technological transformation parts that will lead to full automation of the police force and associated services. One of the motivations of ... more
  • 18 hours Tanzania Will Crackdown on ‘Inciteful’ Social Media Posts Regarding COVID-19 Techweez
    Tanzania’s government has launched a crackdown on social media posts that it perceives as ‘inciteful’ and ‘misleading’ on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, as per Citizen. Citizen Digital saw a poster that urged the country’s citizens to report such posts to the TCRA (Tanzania Communications Regulatory ... more
  • 19 hours Edgar Obare to Be Charged Under Data Protection Act – Lawyer Says Techweez
    Edgar Obare, the famous Instagrammer who built his fanbase on gossip was recently arrested by the DCI due to an exposé on his social accounts. The only bit that was remaining was to know what he will be charged about after his arrest and now it has been revealed. According to Ebru, Obare’s ... more
  • 19 hours Konza Technopolis Reiterates Bet on ICT To Build A Smart City for The Future Techweez
    Konza Technopolis was presented as a city, which, upon completion, will leverage the offerings of ICT to bolster the efficiencies and quality of life of its residents. It is also based on smart city initiatives that we have covered before. Among some of its main agendas toward meeting the ‘smart ... more
  • 22 hours vivo V19 Impressions: Beautiful Screen, Remarkable Snappers, All In An Attractive Body Techweez
    The Kenyan market continues to be very appealing to many phone makers out there. vivo, which is based in China, is one of the latest entrants that want to make a name for itself in a space that continues to be very competitive as days pass by. We have the ... more
  • 3 days Trump Slated to “Ban” TikTok in the U.S. Today Techweez
    TikTok is not having or going to have a fun weekend in the U.S. Lat night local time, it was reported that Microsoft was planning to buy it but now things have turned for the worst. Donald Trump told reporters aboard the Air Force One that he’s banning TikTok. Donald ... more
  • 3 days Microsoft Reportedly in Talks to Buy TikTok Techweez
    2020 is wild. TikTok, an app popular with Gen Z and Millenials has hard a tough time especially with concerns by the U.S about China’s access to data on Americans. TikTok was under investigations citing national security risks. Most US government officials have banned employees from using the app. India ... more
  • 3 days Huawei Details Shared Responsibility and For A Shared Future at the Better World Summit Techweez
    The Better World Summit was held this week. The conferences saw speeches from multiple dignitaries, including Huawei’s Corporate Senior Vice President and Director of the Board Catherine Chen. During her presentation, Chen noted that telecom regulators across many nations and industries must work together to address shared challenges that have ... more
  • 4 days The Best Midrange Smartphones to Get Under 40K in Kenya Techweez
    Midrange smartphones are now packing features that offer more value to the consumer for the price they are asking for. You get great screens, versatile cameras, stellar performance, excellent battery life. These are all the features you want in a mid-range smartphone and then some more that some of the smartphones ... more
  • 4 days Google’s Top Search Results Found to Be Mostly Google Stuff Techweez
    Google is inarguably the biggest search engine in the world and we have turned their name into a verb. It is also Alphabet’s biggest cash cow where it raked in $98 billion last financial year. Their power in the search media ads business is immense and it shows. The Markup ... more
  • 5 days Safaricom’s Ematic 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box Review Techweez
    Safaricom has since replaced the Big Box 2 that was announced in 2018. The replacement is the Ematic Android TV Box that went live a couple of days. Of course, it is available for purchase from Masoko at a little under KES 7000. The big question is if this is ... more
  • 5 days Michael Joseph is Safaricom’s New Chairman Following Nicholas Nganga’s Retirement Techweez
    Long-serving Safaricom Chairman Nicholas Nganga has retired. His position will be taken by former CEO Michael Joseph. Joseph’s tenure will start on 1st August 2020. Mr. Nganga has been Safaricom’s Chair since 2007. He joined the operator’s Board in 2004. According to the carrier, Nganga helped steer the company through ... more
  • 5 days Safaricom Neon Ray Pro Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
      Safaricom recently announced their new initiative to let people buy the Neon Ray Pro at Ksh 20 per day in the Lipa Modogo Mdogo program. The Neon Ray Pro is among the devices and spots 5.5″ display, 16GB of internal memory, 2500mAh battery and supports 4G. Here are more ... more
  • 5 days OPPO Chooses Two Creators as Brand Ambassadors For A92 Smartphone Techweez
    OPPO has chosen two creators, Laura and Moji as the brand ambassadors for its OPPO A92 smartphone for the next 12 months. Brand ambassadors are one of the many ways brands market their products using personalities who use their product in engaging ways. It is a practice we have seen ... more
  • 5 days Safaricom’s Mpesa for Business App Sees 50K Downloads, Lipa Na Mpesa Users Reach 186K Techweez
    Mobile money payments have risen as merchants and consumers try and avoid handling physical money. Micro, small and medium enterprises(MSMEs) have a lot to gain using mobile money. There’s now a huge demand for merchants to offer contactless payment solutions which has given MPESA payments a fresh boost. Safaricom made ... more
  • 6 days Milimani Law Courts to go Online after Staff Tests Positive For COVID-19 Techweez
    The Judiciary has today announced the temporary closure of the Milimani Law Courts after a member of staff tested positive for COVID-19. They revealed that the past week, several members of their staff experienced symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 and one of them tested positive. The member of staff ... more
  • 6 days Legendary Camera Company Kodak Pivots To Making Drugs Techweez
    Eastman Kodak, the legendary company is known for being one of the most influential camera companies. Although a lot of people know them during their film days, they also pioneered the digital camera. However sadly they didn’t follow through with the last bit and their relevance has faded in the ... more
  • 6 days 5 Compelling Benefits Of Custom Elearning Content Techweez
    As more and more professionals continue working from home, many are investing their free time in developing new skills. With the internet abuzz with motivational quotes and articles describing productive ways to spend this time of isolation, there is no dearth of willingness to learn new skills or sharpen existing ... more
  • 6 days Kenya Bureau of Standards Details Under Par Masks During COVID-19 Techweez
    The Coronavirus pandemic has been around for an extended period. Major issues have been linked to COVID-19, and a substantial number of people and corporations in Kenya have acknowledged the disease should be taken seriously. To this end, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS) has outlined key aspects about the ... more
  • 7 days Popular Gossip Blogger Edgar Obare Summoned by DCI over Social Media Exposé Techweez
    Edgar Obare has made a name of himself on Instagram. He is known for posting gossip stories crowdsourced by his followers on Instagram that are posed on his Stories. People love gossip and that has led to him look for more information about celebrities and his Instagram Stories are so ... more
  • 7 days Digital Lenders Oppose Central Bank’s Proposed Rate Cap Plan Techweez
    Digital lenders are opposed to the rate cap plan that was proposed by the Central Bank as reported by the Business Daily. They have warned against the introduction of controls on charges and fees on loans where they claim it will hurt the flow of credit. “It’s unfair to charge ... more
  • 7 days Mobius Motors Develops Ventilator to Aid COVID-19 Fight Techweez
    Mobius Motors, the Kenyan startup founded a decade ago has presented a ventilator that can be used in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. “Mobius is taking proactive measures to create a safe environment for all Kenyans. For this reason we have been developing ventilators to support Kenya’s fight against ... more
  • 1 week Safaricom to Discontinue Platinum in Favour of All In One Bundle Techweez
    In early 2018, Safaricom introduced Platinum, a product that focused on people on the go and professionals who needed peace of mind, in that they could reach out to friends and family without worrying about depleting their units. It came in two packages: Basic and Plus. The latter is equipped ... more
  • 1 week LTE Has Laid a Solid Foundation for the Future of 5G Techweez
    New numbers from GSA show that by the end of May 2020, 386 operators globally had announced they were investing in 5G, among which 81 operators in 42 countries/territories launched 5G commercial services, including the most recent MTN 5G launch in South Africa. 5G, the fifth generation of mobile networks, will ... more
  • 1 week Telegram Goes For WeTransfer’s Lunch With 2GB File Transfers Techweez
    One of the best things about Telegram Messenger is that it allows you to send rather huge files for a social network. Telegram has always allowed you to send files as big as 1.5GB and they have jacked that file limit up by 33% which is great! Telegram announced yesterday ... more
  • 1 week Safaricom to Sell Neon Ray Pro at Kes 20 Per Day in Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Program Techweez
    During Safaricom’s announcement of the 2019/2020 FY financials, the operator reported it had inked a partnership with Google and Teleone to sell ultra-cheap devices to Kenyans. The move is said to be motivated by Safaricom’s move to popularize 4G adoption, which, as of this writing, is available in all urban ... more
  • 1 week Ethiopia Showcases First Locally Assembled Electric Car Techweez
    Electric cars are increasing in popularity thanks to companies like Tesla and legacy car manufacturers are starting to take them seriously. This has led them to come up with new electric cars, and most importantly ramp up production across the world. Well, our neighbour is now a beneficiary to the ... more
  • 1 week Aga Khan Seeks to Buy SEACOM Business Valued at KES 65 Billion Techweez
    Aga Khan has made a bid to acquire Africa’s first broadband undersea cable system company, SEACOM. The move, which was announced last week, seeks to reorganize the SEACOM’s broadband business in Africa. The bid was made by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (Akfed). The Comesa Competition Commission made ... more
  • 1 week WhatsApp Tests New Interface for Using Same Number on Different Phones Techweez
    WhatsApp is testing a new user interface for its upcoming feature – letting people use the same account on different phones. WhatsApp is yet to join the likes of Telegram who let people use the same account on multiple devices but the recent test shows that the launch is imminent. ... more
  • 1 week iOS 14 Alerts User Instagram App Had Turned The Camera on Without Their Permission Techweez
    iOS 14 was recently announced and packs a lot of privacy features. These features came to action with this recent finding. A user installed iOS 14 beta and got a notification that the Instagram app had turned on the camera when they were scrolling through their feed. The camera should ... more
  • 1 week Huawei Nova 5T Gets EMUI 10.1 Update in Kenya Techweez
    Huawei Nova 5T was launched early this year and we ranked it as one of the best compact and powerful midrange smartphone. You can read our full review here. At launch, the device came with Android 9 Pie and EMUI 9.1. The Huawei Nova 5T then received EMUI 10 update ... more
  • 2 weeks You Can Now Purchase Kenya Power Tokens Using Bonga Points Techweez
    You can now buy power tokens using Bonga points. This development follows a partnership between Safaricom and Kenya Power that will see the electricity provider’s 7.1 domestic customers redeem their Bonga points to purchase power for their households. The rate of the purchase is 20 cents per Bonga point. The ... more
  • 2 weeks Kenya University Students Get a Grasp of 5G Technology in a 6-Day Training Session Techweez
    Huawei has been training students about 5G, the technology that will succeed LTE. The Kenyan branch of the Chinese corporation concluded a training of more than 240 students from 13 universities in the country, including UoN, JKUAT, Strathmore, and Zetech. The training was part of a program that seeks to ... more
  • 2 weeks Report: Facebook’s Connectivity Investments Estimated to Boost Africa’s Economy by $57 Billion Techweez
      Facebook has taken a keen interest in the African market and one of the areas they are focusing on is connectivity. That is why they are involved in such projects like Express WiFi or the undersea cable they are sponsoring to connect Africa. Analysys Mason did a report on ... more
  • 2 weeks Twitter Will Soon Begin Testing a Subscription Model Techweez
    Twitter has hinted before that they’ll soon start using a subscription model of business as revenue from ads and data declines. Earlier this month(It feels like a couple of months tbqh), Twitter posted new job openings under a new team codenamed Gryphon, where they are building a subscription platform, one that ... more
  • 2 weeks Twitter Reveals The Extent of Hack That Targeted Famous Verified Accounts Techweez
    Twitter suffered a serious security lapse last week which saw a number of popular verified accounts get hacked in a widespread cryptocurrency scam. This was a huge embarrassment for the company and now they are giving more details about the attack Twitter revealed that 130 accounts in total were targeted ... more
  • 2 weeks Craft Silicon Pumps Over 300 Million to Little For Expansion in Africa Techweez
    Craft Silicon, the Kenyan software company has pumped $3 million (Kshs 324 million) to its ride hailing subsidiary, Little for expansion. Little will use the additional funding to launch operations in West Africa, where they are piloting the app service in Accra, Ghana. “We have already started testing the product ... more
  • 2 weeks Kenya Association of Manufacturers and Ajua Digital Partnership to Link Companies to Consumers Techweez
    The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and integrated customer experience firm Ajua have signed a partnership that will see the revitalization of the uptake of Kenya-made goods. The collaboration also aims to unlock markets from local manufacturers through Ajua’s SME Connect digital platform. Connect drives feedback via the whole value ... more
  • 2 weeks Researchers Discover Fast Chargers Can Be Exploited To Damage Devices Techweez
    Fast chargers have become ubiquitous in recent times. We started seeing fast charging being used a marketing tool since the OPPO Find 7 20W VOOC charging back in 2014. In 2020, OPPO showcased 125W fast charging for phones which is stupefying by any measure. However, it seems that these fast ... more
  • 2 weeks Communications Authority Extends Public Participation Window for Broadcasting Services Proposal Techweez
    In early June 2020, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) announced that there would be a public consultation on the Proposed Framework for Assessment of Quality of Services for Broadcasting Services and Systems. The participation was to end towards the conclusion of June. However, the CA has extended the closing ... more
  • 2 weeks Infinix Note 7 Review: A Welcome Upgrade Techweez
    Infinix Note 7 was recently launched and has been available in the market for a while now. We finally got to play around with it, taking through its paces. Infinix’s latest smartphone comes packed with value for a reasonable price. You are getting amazing hardware quality, specs and features which ... more
  • 2 weeks COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee Invites Innovations That Address the Effects of the Pandemic Techweez
    The Communications Authority of Kenya, alongside the COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee, is inviting a second submission of local ICT innovations that address the impact of the pandemic in Kenya. The innovations should focus on health, the economy, food, livelihoods, logistics, and transport, as well as security. The Committee was appointed ... more
  • 2 weeks All New Devices With Low RAM to Feature Android 11 Go Edition – Google Techweez
    Google will now require devices with low RAM launching later this year to come with Android 11 Go Edition. Android Go was launched in 2017 to be run on Android devices with low resources such as low RAM and Storage. Most devices with 1GB of RAM came with Android 8 ... more
  • 2 weeks OnePlus Nord With 90Hz Display and Snapdragon 765G Launched For €399 Techweez
    OnePlus today finally launched the OnePlus Nord in a special AR keynote after months of hype. This is their latest smartphone to occupy the midrange market and it offers quite a lot of features for the money. The display is the classic AMOLED screen we are used to from OnePlus and it ... more
  • 2 weeks Spotify Video Podcasts Are Finally Here Techweez
    Spotify has been testing video podcasts for a while now. The streaming giant has officially announced that the video podcasts are now live worldwide. Spotify has gone all-in on podcasts. They recently acquired Gimlet Media, a podcast network and producer.  They acquired Parcast, a producer for crime, mystery and sci-fi podcasts and Anchor too, which ... more
  • 2 weeks TECNO Pouvoir 4 Review: More Than You Expect Techweez
    We’ve had the TECNO Pouvoir 4 for a good amount of time since it launched recently in Kenya. In our first impressions review, we said it was more than just a powerhouse as the Pouvoir series is known for its huge batteries. The TECNO Pouvoir 4 brings more to the table ... more
  • 2 weeks Kenya Association of Manufacturers Lobbies for a Circular Economy from Waste Management Techweez
    Last week, the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) held a virtual meetup with the local blogging community for an interactive session that was also broadcasted on YouTube and Facebook. The meet was held alongside the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and sought to highlight the expansion of the Centre for ... more
  • 2 weeks Phase One of National Data Center at Konza Technopolis Completed Techweez
    Phase 1 of the National Data Center which is located at the Konza Technopolis has been completed, the Permanent Secretary for ICT, Jerome Ochieng said. There are now plans to roll out services of the National Data Center after the completion of Phase One of the project. Phase 1 officially ... more
  • 2 weeks Central Bank Seeks To Regulate Mobile Loan Rates in Proposed Law Change Techweez
      The Central Bank of Kenya seeks to regulate digial loan rates if a proposed amendment is passed as law. According to the Central Bank of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020, the regulator seeks to regulate and supervise the conduct of digital financial products and services as well as the digital credit providers ... more
  • 2 months NTSA ICT Director Dr. Fernando Wangila Passes on Techweez
    The National Transport and Safety Authority’s (NTSA) Head of ICT  Director, Dr Fernando Wangila is dead. His news of his death has been reported by CIO East Africa and the permanent secretary for ICT & Innovation, Mr Jerome Ochieng eulogized him on Twitter. Dr Wangila joined the NTSA 6 years ... more
  • 2 months 6 Kenyan Startups Chosen for Google’s Startups Accelerator Africa 2020 Techweez
    Google has announced the new class of startups that have been selected for this year’s Startups Accelerator 2020, which was formerly known as Launchpad. This year, they will be hosting a combined class with 20 startups instead of 12. Due to the unique nature of 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 ... more
  • 2 months Chrome and Microsoft Edge Will Use Less RAM in the New Windows 10 Update Techweez
    We know that Chrome browser is a RAM hog, despite its reputation as a great browser. It’s behaviour is well known to the point where it has become an Internet meme. However, it seems that this will be a thing of the past thanks to the latest under-the-hood update on ... more
  • 2 months Over 2000 Trademark Owners in Kenya Risk Losing Their Assets Techweez
    The Kenya Industrial Property Office has issued a special notice to trademark owners that they will remove over 2,000 trademarks from the Register of Trade Marks soon. Read On Web → Over 2000 Trademark Owners in Kenya Risk Losing Their Assets ... more
  • 2 months Hate Instagram Stories? This New Feature Will Double Your Dislike Techweez
    Instagram is now focusing on Stories and a lot of efforts have been directed to this feature they cloned from Snapchat. A ton of features have been added to Instagram Stories since its launch including music lyrics, polls, gifs, new set of colorful icons for Story Camera modes, questions, hashtags among ... more
  • 2 months Safaricom Online Education Training Program is Live with 300 Students Techweez
    Word for the Safaricom Foundation has it that 300 students who were shortlisted for the institution’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) will start their online classes in June 22, 2020. TVET was started in March and seeks to impart key skills in plumbing, welding, food and beverage, and ... more
  • 2 months vivo V19 Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
    vivo is set to launch the vivo V19 in the kenyan market. The vivo V19 features dual punch-hole selfie cameras among other spectatular features listed below. vivo V19 is the company’s latest device in the camera-centric V series and joins the vivo V17 Pro launched late last year. Read On ... more
  • 2 months vivo V19 With Dual Punch Hole Selfie Cameras Set to Launch in Kenya Techweez
    vivo will soon be launching the vivo V19 smartphone to the Kenyan market. The vivo V19 will soon be joining the other Vivo phones launched in Kenya in the V series and Y series. We’ve already played around with the vivo V17 Pro and vivo Y19 and both are incredible phones. ... more
  • 2 months Twitter Audio Tweets Receive Mixed Reactions Techweez
    While we are confined to our homes always on social media, Twitter announced that they are now making audio tweets a thing. This new feature now lets users add voice notes on your tweets as spotted by a number of iOS users. Android users will have to wait for this feature ... more
  • 2 months Zoom Announces Free Users Will Get End to End Encryption After All Techweez
    Zoom, the popular videoconferencing app came under fire over their stance of giving only premium users end to end encryption. End to End encryption is usually standard for a lot of platforms out there and people were not happy about the decision. Well, today, Zoom has decided to reverse that ... more
  • 2 months Twitter Adds Voice Notes on Twitter for iOS Techweez
    Twitter has quietly added the ability to add voice memos on your tweets as spotted by a number of iOS users. I CAN VOICE NOTE MY TWEETS NOW????? BITCH pic.twitter.com/yS8qzZBrEO — matt | blm (@witnessmatt_) June 17, 2020 Twitter just shipped voice memos on iOS. Seems like a great way ... more
  • 2 months Free-Cross Border Payments Firm Chipper Cash Raises $13.8 Million in Expansion Drive Techweez
    Chipper Cash has been running its operations for more than two years. The firm, which boasts no-fee cross-border payments has been running operations in Kenya and some key markets in Africa. It has since raised $13.8 million in Series A funding that was led by Deciens Capital. The funds, according ... more
  • 2 months U.S. Agrees to Work with the Huawei on 5G, Confusing the World More Techweez
    We all know what has been happening at Huawei: the Chinese corporation has been battling US bans that say the tech company cannot be trusted for a series of unverified reasons. To this end, Huawei has since been banned from using technologies dished out by US companies. But for how ... more
  • 2 months Best parental apps to put a screen time limit on devices Techweez
    Excessive screen exposure at a young age can harm children’s mental and physical health. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and World health organization have repeatedly warned about the consequences of screen exposure at a young age. However, taking away the device is not the solution as there are benefits to ... more
  • 2 months Internet Solutions and Continuity East Africa Retired, Go Under Dimension Data Umbrella Techweez
    Dimension Data is reportedly in the process of consolidating its business in the East Africa region to bolster efficiency and deliver a better experience to clients. These developments are said to be going in line with changing tech trends and the needs of its client base. The same consolidation is ... more
  • 2 months OPPO A92 Full Review: Ready to Rock Techweez
    OPPO recently launched the OPPO A92, their latest mid-range smartphone that delivers as much bang for its price and more. We did a quick first impressions review and this time around took a closer look at how it performs from both a hardware and software perspective and how it stands ... more
  • 2 months Nairobi Courts Will Exclusively File Cases Electronically From Next Month Techweez
    The Judiciary has today announced a rather huge change in their workflow specifically for Nairobi courts. “It is hereby notified for public information that with effect from July 1 2020, the filing of cases in all the courts in Nairobi will be done exclusively through the Electronic Filing system, herein ... more
  • 2 months Huawei Unveils IdeaHub Enterprise Collaboration Tool for Sub-Saharan Africa Techweez
    Huawei has launched its Ideahub collaboration product in the Sub-Saharan region which is aimed for enterprises. The IdeaHub is a tool developed by Huawei to enable all-scenario smart office and also be an intelligent endpoint that integrates functions like a multi-screen collaboration between mobiles and PCs, interactive whiteboard, remote collaboration, video conferencing ... more
  • 2 months Safaricom Customers Redeem 1 Billion Points Worth KES 330 Million in Two Months Techweez
    Safaricom loyalty program Bonga Points has been around for as long as I can remember. Customer get a point for every KES 10 they spend on the network. The points can then be redeemed for things such as voice, SMS and data. The telco has however been trying to make ... more
  • 2 months Liquid Telecom and Twiga Food’s Partnership Intros Precision Agriculture to Kenya Techweez
    Liquid Telecom and Twiga Foods have collaborated in a project that will see growth in agricultural productivity through precision farming. Precision farming is the use of modern information technology tools to provide, process, and examine multisource data from high spatial, as well as temporal solutions for decision making and improving ... more
  • 2 months Huawei Replaces Samsung as World’s Top Smartphone Seller in Q1 2020 Techweez
    The global COVID-19 pandemic has made a notable dent in businesses. Some corporation has not been spared, including smartphone makers. However, for the first time, Huawei shipped more phones than Samsung in Q1 2020. This development is interesting because, for a very long time, Samsung has been on top of ... more
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