• 2 weeks Recap of Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2019 Techweez
    Apple’s WWDC 2019 just ended where we got both software and hardware announcements from iOS 13, macOS 10.15, the new Mac Pro plus other interesting unveilings including dark mode, iPadOS, macOS Catalina. As the conference began, Apple gave a preview of what its new Apple TV+ show, For All Mankind, ... more
  • 2 weeks Kenya ICT Authority Issues Reassuring Statement After Websites Hacking Techweez
    Today, a number of government websites were defaced by hackers. The hackers were a group calling themselves the Kurd Electronics Team an they managed to deface the websites by displaying their logo on the websites. This sort of behaviour is common with hackers as they try to show their skill for ransom ... more
  • 2 weeks WWDC 2019: What to Expect from Today’s Apple Event Techweez
    WWDC 2019 kicks off tonight at 8 PM local time EAT and there’s a lot to expect from Apple’s now 30th conference. We expect to see iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, TVOS 13 and some new Mac Pro news too. Apple is also expected to talk about its upcoming ... more
  • 2 weeks Nokia Could Announce 6.1 and 5.1 Successors in a June 6 Event Techweez
    Nokia is definitely not slowing down in making its name as popular as it was years ago. The Finnish manufacturer has been on the path to appeal to its fan base with constant releases, which were further and arguably marked by the Nokia 9 PureView with its five rear cameras. ... more
  • 2 weeks Must Have Android Weather Apps Techweez
    For the past couple of weeks, we have experienced unpredictable weather that goes from hot sunny mid-mornings to cold, rainy afternoons accompanied by thunderstorms and that’s why you need a trusty Android weather app to help you plan your day and how you dress or if you should grab that ... more
  • 2 weeks African Union Forges New Partnership with Huawei on ICT Technologies Techweez
    Huawei had a tough May thanks to the US-China trade crisis but that does not mean that they are not forging new relationships elsewhere in the world. The Chinese networking giant announced a three year memorandum of understanding that seeks to improve the African Union’s technical expertise on key ICT ... more
  • 2 weeks Huawei Rolls out EMUI 9.1 Second Public Beta to More Devices Techweez
    It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Huawei following the US Trade Ban. Things are however looking good for them following the 90-day reprieve which gave them back their Android license and other organizations lifting their restrictions. As Huawei’s promise to its users who already have Huawei devices that ... more
  • 2 weeks Kenya National Development Site (NDITC) Defaced By Hackers After IFMIS Intrusion Techweez
    The National Development Implementation Technical Committee’s (NDITC) online page has been defaced by the same hacker group (allegedly) that just intruded IFMIS website. This makes it the second government-related website to see attacks from online criminals who take advantage of security lapses to toy with sites. For context: the National ... more
  • 2 weeks Public Services Portal IFMIS Hacked, Core Services Inaccessible Techweez
    The government of Kenya has been on a path to avail its services on online platforms. One of its platforms, the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), was devised back in 2014 to allow tender applicants and suppliers who want to do business with the government submit their applications without ... more
  • 2 weeks Kenya Banking Charter Proposes Tough Regulations for Online Lenders Techweez
    The growth of online mobile lenders is unique to Kenya for one primary reasons: mobile money services. Mobile loan apps have made a killing thanks to the robust mobile money ecosystem in the country, and that growth has been accelerated by our appetite for loans that are disbursed in a ... more
  • 2 weeks Xiaomi Shows off Its In-display Selfie Camera Module, Teases It off on A Mi 9 Prototype Techweez
    Xiaomi now joins in on the craze of the in-display selfie camera tech in a new teaser video posted on Twitter. This comes after OPPO’s show off of the same under-display module. The teaser video highlights a prototype Xiaomi Mi 9 with no notch next to a standard Xiaomi Mi ... more
  • 2 weeks OPPO Teases First Phone with an In-display Selfie Camera, May Debut Later This Year Techweez
    Looks like OPPO is ready to launch its first phone that ditches the pop-up selfie camera for an in-display camera module. OPPO teased about this feature in a short video posted on Weibo by the company’s VP, Brian Shen that later got posted on Twitter via OPPO’s official handle. In ... more
  • 2 weeks Compilation of the Best Me Explaining Memes Techweez
    The “Me Explaining” memes have been trending and has become our favourite meme the past few days. Th meme combines two reaction images to make one meme that shows the difficulty of explaining something to someone. The origin of the meme is from YouTuber Quelin Blackwell. In the first image ... more
  • 2 weeks Bored? This App Lets You Simulate a FaceTime Call with Your Favourite Celebrities Including Cardi B, Kim K and Post Malone Techweez
    Are you trying to flex on your friends by trying to look cooler and pretend you know people in higher places such as celebrities and influencers? Well, FlexTime is here to save make this happen. This app will convince your friends that you are buddies with celebrities like LeBron James, Dwayne ... more
  • 2 weeks WWDC 2019: Apple Decommissions iTunes, Clears out Its Facebook and Instagram Pages Techweez
    Apple is reportedly moving away from its iTunes brand and the music library may end after 18 years as Apple breaks out Podcasts, Video, and Music into separate apps with the upcoming MacOS 10.15. iTunes was launched nearly two decades ago and looks like Apple wants to retire the world-shattering ... more
  • 2 weeks U.S. State Department to Require All Visa Applicants to Provide Their Social Media Usernames Techweez
    The U.S State Department has already started to put into action last years proposal of requiring visa applicants to submit their social media profiles alongside previous email addresses and phone numbers in the now updated application process under Trump’s administration who had called for extreme vetting of imigrants during his ... more
  • 2 weeks AliExpress and China International Forwarding Partnership to See Faster Delivery of Products in Kenya Techweez
    AliExpress is a popular ecommerce platform that rivals Amazon. The China-based online retailer has been popularizing its trade in the Kenyan market for some time now. The need to appeal to Kenyan customers was pursued when it partnered with telco Safaricom to aid payments. See, a substantial number of Kenyans ... more
  • 2 weeks BlackBerry Messenger is Shutting Down For Good Today Due to Lack of Users Techweez
    Blackberry Messenger (BBM), the once popular messaging platform that would find only in Blackberries is shutting down today. The platform was taken over by Emtek, an Indonesia based media conglomerate around 3 years ago. They set out to ‘reinvigorate’ BBM as a cross platform service but this did not happen ... more
  • 3 weeks Apple Increases Cellular Download Limit for Apps and Files Techweez
    We have relatively large apps on mobile app stores and it is safer to download via Wi-Fi. This is to prevent depleting your mobile data allowance which is usually not as ‘unlimited’ as Wi-Fi. Well there is good news for iOS users in this front. Well, Apple has decided to ... more
  • 3 weeks Kenya Gaming Act 2019 Seeks to Introduce Steep Taxes, More Regulatory Bodies and Reduced Online Visibility Techweez
    The Gaming Act 2018 was introduced to police the betting industry that has since seen massive growth over the last couple of years. It has been determined that the industry is unregulated, and while betting laws have been in place since 1960s, they have failed to meet their mandate, especially ... more
  • 3 weeks Privacy? What Privacy? – Facebook Techweez
    This past Wednesday, Facebook was in court facing multidistrict litigation coming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the social media giant argued that they couldn’t have violated user’s privacy because users should have no expectation of privacy when it comes to social media platforms. The scandal-ridden company continues to argue ... more
  • 3 weeks Change These Default Privacy Settings Right Now! From Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Amazon Techweez
    From 2018 to the past few months of 2019, our personal data from social media sites and other tech giants has been hacked, scandalized and or abused breaching our privacy. It is now high time we go through the default privacy settings of most of these sites. In this guide, ... more
  • 3 weeks Huawei Is Now Back on Google’s Android Q Beta Program Techweez
    It looks like Huawei is going to end this week on a good note. It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Chinese tech giant but things are looking relatively positive for them. Since the USA trade ban got effective things have been going downhill for them. Their ... more
  • 3 weeks Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Might Not Feature a Headphone Jack Techweez
    We are only a few months away from the reveal of the 10th generation of the iconic Samsung Galaxy Note 10 line and the rumour mills swirling around are not painting a rosy picture. According to Android Police, a source familiar to the company plans learnt that Samsung might drop the headphone ... more
  • 3 weeks Telegram X for iOS Has Been Discontinued Techweez
    Telegram has now discontinued its Telegram X app for iOS devices. The popular messaging app started informing users that the code for Telegram X has been merged with the main Telegram app and suggested users go to the app store and download the official main app. Telegram added that all ... more
  • 3 weeks [Video] TekITnGo Asus Zenbook Pro 14 UX480 Review Techweez
    Asus recently brought the Zenbook Pro 14 UX480 laptop line of premium laptops to Kenya which offered impressive specifications and unique selling points. In this next video in the TekITnGo series, Martin Githinji reviews the Asus Zenbook Pro 14 where he goes over the main selling points of this device as well ... more
  • 3 weeks Huawei Y5 2019 Now Available in Stores Across Kenya Techweez
    The much-awaited Huawei Y5 2019 is now available both online and in retail stores for purchase. If you enjoyed using last years Huawei Y5 Prime or you’re on the hunt for a budget phone that brings function and form, then the Huawei Y5 Prime 2019 will be a worthy upgrade for ... more
  • 3 weeks Here’s Why You’re Seeing More Promoted Tweets on Your Timeline Techweez
    Yep. It’s not just you. Twitter has increased the frequency of how it is showing promoted tweets lately. According to a Twitter spokesperson, the social media platform is experimenting with ad load. What this means is that Twitter is experimenting with changing the frequency users see advertisements and this is ... more
  • 3 weeks Telkom Kenya to Expand Fibre Loops Outside Nairobi and Mombasa Techweez
    Yesterday, Telkom Kenya announced that it has optimized and expanded 3G and 4G coverage in some of the major towns in the country. The development is preceded by similar projects that have seen the nation’s third-largest mobile operator expand high-speed internet access on mobile in 30 urban centres in Kenya. ... more
  • 3 weeks Uber to Start Kicking out Passengers with Low Ratings out of Its Cars Techweez
    Uber will now start to deactivate passengers with significantly low ratings from its platform. Uber will, however, send passengers tips to bring up their ratings if they start to decline like suggesting them to be polite to drivers, not leaving trash in their cars or asking drivers to speed up ... more
  • 3 weeks Huawei Patents Possible Android Replacement OS in Europe Techweez
    The media has been supporting Huawei amid tough days that have seen American companies and their allies distance themselves from the Chinese technology corporation. For the most part, the ban has not augured well with millions of people who have come to trust the quality of Huawei devices, as well ... more
  • 3 weeks Telkom Kenya Expands and Optimizes 3G and 4G Coverage in Key Towns Techweez
    To meet its promises to customers and future subscribers, Telkom Kenya has been expanding its turf in the local telephony space. The operator, which saw a key transformation that was marked by a rebrand strategy from Orange to Telkom, has been on a journey to appeal to as many Kenyans ... more
  • 3 weeks Huawei Pursues Lawsuit Against the U.S. for ‘Unconstitutional’ Ban of its Business Techweez
      The past couple of days have been very bad for Huawei. The Chinese company is amidst a cold war in tech with the U.S. administration under the directives of President Trump and his operatives. What happened is that the U.S. blacklisted Huawei, world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer and one ... more
  • 3 weeks Huawei Denies its Android Replacement Will Be Released in June 2019 Techweez
    Huawei has had quite a rough month, from being blacklisted by Google to ARM suspending business with them and one of their phones being de-listed from the Android 10 beta. The fact that they are on a temporary 90 day reprieve to use Android is bad enough for Huawei since ... more
  • 3 weeks Flipboard Database Breached Exposing User’s Details Techweez
    News aggregator service and mobile news app Flipboard has earlier today started notifying its users of a data breach in which hackers had access to their internal systems which might have been going on for almost nine months. The hackers had access to databases that contained user’s information including their ... more
  • 3 weeks Redmi 7A Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
    Last year, we got the chance to play with Xiaomi’s Redmi 6A (the Redmi name is now a sub-brand, so you will be seeing lots of Redmi phone without the Xiaomi logo). It was a compact device that punched above its selling price (under KES 10,000 at that time), and ... more
  • 3 weeks Redmi K20 Pro Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
    The world of cheap smartphones is filled to the brim with hundreds of options. The segment has also seen an elevation in the name of a ‘flaghship killer’, a term that was initially coined by China’s OnePlus. However, that ship sailed when OnePlus started to increase the price of their ... more
  • 3 weeks What Intel’s Project Athena Means for Consumers Techweez
    Intel’s Project Athena is the giant chipmakers multi-company and multi-year effort to revamp ultrabooks and make them more useful for real-world use. What this means is that Project Athen a will set standards for other laptops partnering with Intel to have processors that are fast for work and play, laptops ... more
  • 3 weeks Apple Refreshes the iPod Touch Nearly 4 Years Later Techweez
    You thought the iPod was dead? Well Apple is not done yet with the lineup thanks to a new update to the iPod touch. Today Apple has revealed the new iPod Touch which doesn’t look too much different on the outside and the most of the updates are internal. The ... more
  • 3 weeks Kit Harrington Is All of Us in His Reactions During Game of Thrones Finale Table Reading Techweez
    On Sunday Night, Game of Thrones documentary got aired – Game of Thrones: The Last Watch that was a way to celebrate the countless crew members who helped make the fantasy show a reality and shows that they were just as invested as we were. Worth noting was Kit Harrington’s ... more
  • 3 weeks OPPO F11 Pro Camera Review: Admirable Optics in a Well-Rounded Package Techweez
    OPPO devices have always excelled in camera performance and the F11 Pro is no different. The highlights of the cameras, both at the rear and front, are based on megapixel count and the tech infused the selfie shooter. Specifically, there a dual system on the rear: a 48 MP sensor ... more
  • 3 weeks Intel Unveils 10th Gen Core Processors, Promise Faster Graphics and 2.5x AI Performance Techweez
    Today, Intel has unveiled the 10th Gen Intel Core processors at Computex in Taiwan. Every year we get to see the blue giant unveil new processors that will run in the next generation of laptops and desktops. The new processors by Intel are the company’s first to debut their 10nm ... more
  • 3 weeks Compilation of the Best Cliff Wife Memes Techweez
    Don’t believe anything that is posted on the internet, try and see through its authenticity before sharing it. YouTubers have now joined in on cashing on playing with clickbait titles just to get views but it reached Peak YouTube when a YouTuber posted a 20-minute video about how his wife ... more
  • 3 weeks Discovered: New Apps, Sites, Extensions for This Week Techweez
    The internet can be a very interesting place if you know where to look at. Discovered will do the digging and bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites so you don’t have to. Some of this week’s finds will be productive tools and others genuinely interesting ... more
  • 3 weeks Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Apple is Selling their Customer’s iTunes Listening Data Techweez
    Apple is a company that has marketed itself, especially of late, about how they value privacy of their consumers. This is why this piece of news is a contradiction to this marketing push by the Apple. Three iTunes from Rhode Island and Michigan filed a lawsuit against Apple where they ... more
  • 3 weeks Memes to Get You Through This Week Techweez
    Memes. Memes. Memes. Memes. The only thing holding the internet together. Here are some of the best memes from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram. It’s going to be a long week and here are some memes to crack your ribs Gay Rat Wedding Memes Arthur, a PBS Kids show ... more
  • 3 weeks Guy Who Wrote The Heroin Twitter Thread Story Says It Was a Lie Techweez
    Twitter was initially described as a ‘microblogging’ site and that is true. Tweets are just short posts and when you add them into a thread, it becomes a whole post. Some people have used this well to narrate stories and can be intriguing. We have seen our share of fascinating ... more
  • 4 weeks Instagram IGTV to Now Support Landscape Video but Will It Help the Platform Gain Traction? Techweez
    As we’ve written before, Instagram wants its vertical video platform to succeed so bad they’re adding support for landscape video. Since it launched last year, IGTV has been solely dedicated to vertical videos but this new change will be a welcome to creators who are playing around with this platform. ... more
  • 4 weeks Samsung Renews Its Android License Deal with Google Techweez
    As things crumble for Huawei, Samsung is strengthening its relationship with Google following the search giant company canceling Huawei’s Android license. The South Korean tech giant recently signed a new Mobile Application Sales Agreement(MADA) even after Google’s scandals with the European Union. It was renamed to EMADA but the contract ... more
  • 4 weeks Safaricom & Vodacom Plan Kshs 1.3 Billion Purchase of MPESA Rights Techweez
    Kenya’s Safaricom and South Africa’s Vodacom are planning to have a joint venture to acquire the intellectual property rights of MPESA from the British company, Vodafone. Bob Collymore, Safaricom’s CEO revealed this to Reuters  where he he said that the £10.5 million deal (Kshs 1.36 billion) will let both parties make ... more
  • 4 weeks Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore Tenure Extended, Says Business with Troubled Huawei to Stay Techweez
    Telco Safaricom is one of the sponsors of the Shared Value Summit that is taking place in Nairobi. The event, which started earlier today, was graced by the carrier’s CEO Bob Collymore, who briefed media personalities on the summit’s role, and Safaricom’s hand in it. During the interview session, Mr. ... more
  • 4 weeks Why Windows Sandbox Is One of the Exciting Features of the Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update Techweez
    Windows Sandbox is one among a couple of features coming with the Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update and has me excited. With this feature, you get to literally sandbox websites or programs you are unsure about. Windows Sandbox will be a handy solution for those of us who like ... more
  • 4 weeks Privacy Focused Tor Browser Launches Official Android App Techweez
    We have all been waiting for the Tor browser to bring their official app to Android and it is finally here. The app has been long due since Tor Project announced that they had begun working on a new browser for Android. Previously users could connect to Tor on Android ... more
  • 4 weeks OPPO F11 Pro is A Comfortable Device to Use for its Size Techweez
    We already introduced the OPPO F11 Pro in a previous post. The device, which is currently OPPO’s high-end phone in the country besides the Find X from 2018, is geared toward making a statement in the upper midrange segment that is sparsely populated with worthy competitors (save for a handful ... more
  • 4 weeks ARM Cuts Ties With Huawei Jeopardizing Future Development of Kirin Processors Techweez
    British multinational semiconductor company, ARM Holdings has suspended business with Huawei, which now threatens Huawei’s ability to create its own chips. BBC News reports that ARM has instructed employees to halt “all active contracts, support entitlements, and any pending engagements” with Huawei and its subsidiaries. In the company memo, ARM ... more
  • 4 weeks YouTube to Start Hiding Full Subscriber Counts from the Public Beginning August Techweez
    YouTube wants to shift its culture by changing how it displays real-time subscriber count and this is going to affect sites that depend on these stats such as Social Blade that display YouTubers gain and loss of subscribers and probably kill off live count channels that thrive on showing live ... more
  • 4 weeks Google Stored Passwords of Some G Suite Accounts in Plaintext Techweez
    Google joins the likes of Facebook and Twitter of being the culprits who stored passwords in plaintext. This privacy mishap affected some of its G Suite accounts including business and corporate accounts. Individual G Suite consumer accounts and free Google accounts have not been affected. Google has already alerted G Suite ... more
  • 4 weeks Improve the UX of an App by Using Images Techweez
    If you are going to take time to develop an app you need to make sure that it provides a great UX. Doing so means that people are more likely to engage with the app. This is especially important if you are creating an app as part of your online ... more
  • 4 weeks Huawei Mate 20 Pro Has Been Delisted From the Android Q Beta Program Techweez
    Google announced the Android Q beta release during I/O 2019 conference early this month. This year, 21 devices were included, which comprised of the usual suspects, a surprise entrant from TECNO mobile and of course the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Well things have gone south the past week thanks to ... more
  • 4 weeks Instagram Redesigns IGTV as It Plays Catch-Up with Competitors Techweez
    Instagram really wants IGTV to work. Instagram wants IGTV to be a success similar to the way Stories has been but the video format for the platform has been a hard nut to crack. Its rival apps such as TikTok are winning at this and Instagram is finding it hard ... more
  • 4 weeks WhatsApp Status to Get Ads Starting Next Year Techweez
    Brace yourselves, ads are coming. WhatsApp Status feature stolen from Snapchat Stories is getting ads starting next year. After being bought by Facebook, they had yet to start fully monetize this popular messaging platform and it was bound to happen sooner or later. Later last year, WhatsApp executive confirmed that ... more
  • 4 weeks Instagram Influencers, Celebrities and Brands Contact Info Scraped and Exposed Techweez
    Instagram, the giant photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook suffered another privacy mishap as contact details of millions of influencers, celebrities and brands got scraped and exposed in a massive database that was found online. The non-password protected database hosted by Amazon Web Services had more than 49 ... more
  • 4 weeks Delete the Vidmate App Now! Techweez
    Vidmate is a popular Android app, that allows users to download videos from social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and giant video sharing app YouTube. Recently, the app has been behaving suspiciously. The app has been acting strangely by draining phone’s battery, showing users hidden ads, consuming mobile ... more
  • 4 weeks Safaricom Now Lets Customers Pay For Home Fiber Through PostPay Techweez
    Safaricom today has announced an alternative payment method for their customers who use Safaricom Home Fibre. Their new system which they call Payment through PostPay Limit will allow PostPay customers to pay for their fiber subscriptions using their PostPay limit. All you have to do is dial *400# , select ‘Manage your ... more
  • 4 weeks Huawei Gets 90 Day Reprieve, Temporarily Bringing Back Its Android License Techweez
    The past couple of days have been a whirlwind for the Chinese tech giant, Huawei. This comes after the news on Thursday where the US administration added the company to a trade blacklist. Huawei joined other companies in the Entity list that makes it hard for them to do business ... more
  • 4 weeks Asus Brings Zenbook Pro Laptop to Kenya with Touchscreen Trackpad Techweez
    Asus, a well known player in the PC industry has brought its signature Zenbook Pro line of laptops to the Kenyan market. The  laptop in question is the Asus Zenbook Pro UX480F which is squarely aimed at the premium market and it has the specifications to boot. The Zenbook Pro UX480F is a premium laptop ... more
  • 4 weeks Safaricom’s Messaging App Bonga Gets a New Name Techweez
    Safaricom has quite a number of apps to its roster and one of the more interesting ones was Bonga. They announced Bonga last year, which was a new instant messaging platform with deep MPESA integration. The app was developed by the Alpha team which was headed by the former iHub CEO, ... more
  • 4 weeks Safaricom’s Messaging App Bonga Gets a New Name Techweez
    This article has been withdrawn. Read On Web → Safaricom’s Messaging App Bonga Gets a New Name ... more
  • 4 weeks Huawei Statement Inspires Confidence Among New and Existing Android Customers Techweez
    Huawei has been under immense pressure for a long time now. It has navigated the murky waters of trade wars successfully until yesterday when Google announced that it would effectively cut ties with manufacturer. The development implies that future Huawei and Honor devices will not ship with Android, and while ... more
  • 4 weeks Kenya Government and CBK Launch SME Loan Product with Five Banks Techweez
    Access to credit services, especially from established and traditional financial organizations has been a challenge for a lot of informal or growing businesses. It is an issue that has been around for some time, but has since been managed, albeit using third-party options that are not backed by any state ... more
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