• 3 weeks Asus ROG Zephyrus G701 Review: A Beast Techweez
    Back in 2017, Asus shocked the world with an interesting laptop: the Asus Zephyrus. They were able to do something that we hardly saw on the world of gaming laptops: It was thin and still powerful to play the latest gaming titles at high framerates. In this latest TekITnGo video, ... more
  • 3 weeks Instagram Wants to Have a Better Relationship with Meme Accounts After Recently Purging Them with This New Hire Techweez
    Instagram recently mass deleted popular meme accounts some with over tens of millions of followers while also suspending others. Most of these meme pages earned income from selling promotions which isn’t against Instagram’s terms of service but talking to Insider, the Facebook-owned giant photo-sharing platform said that the accounts were ... more
  • 3 weeks Safaricom Pumps KES 407 Million Into M-PESA Global Expansion Strategy Techweez
    In November 2018, telco Safaricom launched M-PESA Global. The product was an expansion of the carrier’s financial services to other countries. It allows users to send and receive funds from different countries across the world through the use of a series of money remittance services such as World Remit and ... more
  • 3 weeks 4G Adoption in Africa Still Low Even With 5G Looming in the Horizon Techweez
    Telecommunication technology advances quite slowly but the implementation is even slower. We have moved on from 2G then 3G to 4G in the past 20 years or so in Kenya. 5G is looming in the horizon but the adoption of 4G is still low in the country and in the ... more
  • 3 weeks OPPO Reno 10x Zoom: Refinement at Its Best Techweez
    It’s quite clear that the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is the company’s most refined smartphone yet. In a world of gimmicky smartphone features, the OPPO 10X Reno balances between form and function. The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is the first phone in OPPO’s new Reno series that not only features ... more
  • 3 weeks Safaricom Sweetens Storo Bonus with 200 MB Free YouTube Bundle Techweez
    While millions of Kenyans rely on phone calls to reach out to their friends and family, some people still prefer chat apps, as well as social media platforms to communicate. Young people, for instance, would rather send you a message than buzz you with a phone call. However, this does ... more
  • 3 weeks Jack Ngare Joins Microsoft As Managing Director for Africa Development Centre Techweez
    Jack Ngare has been appointed the Managing Director of Africa Development Centre (ADC) in Kenya that was launched by Microsoft sometime in May 2019. The facility, which will serve as Microsoft’s centre of engineering saw a combined investment of KES 10 billion from the American corporation. A similar site is ... more
  • 3 weeks Borrowers to Pay More for KCB M-PESA Loans Following Rate Hike Techweez
    There is no shortage of mobile loan apps in the Kenyan market. However, established players such as M-PESA have been in the space for some time and even launched Mshwari in partnership with CBA to tap into the lucrative space of digital loans. The same development was seen when KCB ... more
  • 3 weeks Safaricom Lures New Users with 50% Discount on Home Fibre Techweez
    Safaricom today has announced that they are continuing to forge with their quest to connect more households to their fibre network. The company says they are planning to extend their fibre network to more than 15,000 households across the country over the next two months. The company wants to cover ... more
  • 3 weeks Equity Bank Appoints New Managing Director Following Polycarp Igathe’s Resignation Techweez
    Equity Bank has appointed Gerald Warui as its fourth Managing Director. Warui, who has been with the institution as a Director for an extended period will fill in the gap that will be left by Polycarp Igathe who will be heading back to Vivo. Igathe, whose resignation has since been ... more
  • 3 weeks Facebook Wants to Add its Name to Instagram and WhatsApp Techweez
    Facebook acquired Instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014 respectively. They act like ‘independent’ entities under the Facebook ecosystem. If there is a person who has never heard of Facebook but uses WhatsApp and Instagram, there is a possibility that they do not know it is owned by Facebook. Early ... more
  • 3 weeks Cloudflare Ditches 8Chan After El Paso Domestic Terrorist Attack Techweez
    This past Saturday there was a deadly domestic terrorist attack in an El Paso Wallmart that resulted in the deaths of close to 20 people. The mass shooting was linked to a white nationalist rant on 8chan’s messaging board that got praise by 8chan users who referred to the terrorist ... more
  • 3 weeks These Memes Took over the Internet the Last Few Days Techweez
    Memes. Memes. Memes. Memes. The only thing holding the internet together.  Also here’s an interesting fact you didn’t know, memes are the DNA of the soul. Anyway, here are some of the best memes that trended the last few days from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit or Instagram to cheer you ... more
  • 3 weeks Econet Formally Shuts Down Kwesé TV Satellite Service Techweez
    Econet Group formally announced the termination of their Kwesé TV satellite service yesterday in a communiqué posted on Twitter. They announced that the y will discontinue Kwesé TV satellite service with effect from August 5 2019, which is tomorrow. Kwesé TV satellite service was under the Econet Media sub-group. “We regret to end this ... more
  • 3 weeks 10 Months With the Xiaomi Mi Box 3: Is it A Worthy Purchase in 2019? Techweez
    Introduction Android TV has been catching up in the entertainment industry, which is filled to the brim with a lot of options from other companies. Samsung and LG, for instance, ship their smart televisions with Tizen and webOS respectively, and global e-commerce giant Amazon has its toes in the industry ... more
  • 3 weeks Despite U.S. Ban, Huawei is World’s Second Largest Smartphone Vendor Techweez
    Amid a trade tussle with the Trump administration in Q2, Chinese phone maker and telecoms equipment manufacturer Huawei was world’s number 2 smartphone vendor. According to market analysists, Huawei successfully grew its sales while it struggled with trade issues with the West. The trade wars, which are centered on trust ... more
  • 3 weeks Android Q Engineering Reddit AMA: Roundup of Everything Important You Need to Know Techweez
    Reddit’s AMA(Ask Me Anything) is a great feature for discussions between people and  Google’s Android Engineering team recently had an AMA session on the /r/AndroidDev subreddit to answer on some Android Q beta questions. The AMA was an hour and a half long and here’s a roundup of everything important ... more
  • 3 weeks YouTube Revamps the Up Next Screen, Introduces New Design Techweez
    YouTube can be a very good source of endless entertainment where you can spend up to 30 hours on it according to some people. Just see the replies to this tweet. Its autoplay feature keeps you watching related videos and YouTube is now changing the layout of the “Up Next” ... more
  • 3 weeks OPPO Reno 10x Zoom First Impressions Review Techweez
    OPPO loves to push tech to its edge, literally. The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is another phone from OPPO that brings that all-screen display design its predecessor’s had and improves on it. OPPO Reno comes in two models, the base model and the Reno 10x Zoom which we have been ... more
  • 3 weeks Equity Bank Showcases Strong H1 2019, Digital Transactions Soar Techweez
    Equity Bank has been doing a fantastic job in offering financial services to the people of Kenya, among other markets it operates in, including Ethiopia. During its meets, be it an investor conference or a financials announcement, the bank’s CEO James Mwangi, as well as other executives affiliated with the ... more
  • 3 weeks Developers Behind the Popular Third Party Client GBWhatsApp Have Shut it Down Techweez
    WhatsApp is available on a lot of platforms, but also it has a lot of unofficial forks. One of these unofficial builds is GBWhatsApp and it has gained a following over time. Well, today, the developers behind GBWhatsApp have announced that they are officially stopping support for the build via  ... more
  • 3 weeks Microsoft is Testing a ‘Cloud Download’ Feature for Windows Techweez
    Restoring your data can be a nuisance for a lot of people. This happens when you lose a computer or a phone and you have to get your data back. That is why I am a fan of cloud based restore features that allow you to get your data when ... more
  • 3 weeks China Embassy ‘Shocked’ After Laptop Donation for Kenya Parliament Disappears Techweez
    Remember when a container that held more than 1000 pieces of laptops was found empty after a suspected theft? Well, it would appear the same thing has happened with a shipment of electronic equipment including laptops that were meant for Parliament. According to a statement released by the Embassy of ... more
  • 3 weeks Google Play Pass Subscription Service: Everything You Need to Know Techweez
    Google is currently testing Play Pass, a monthly subscription that will have users access hundreds of premium apps and games on its app store for $4.99, a figure that us likely to change when this feature officially rolls out. Play Pass will unlock hundreds of paid apps(including premium music apps), ... more
  • 4 weeks Huawei Is Still Interested in Working with Fuschia OS Techweez
    Huawei has been playing around with Google’s Fuschia OS with the Honor Play since late last year. Despite the ban, the Chinese tech giant is still interested in working with Fuschia OS. Google’s Fuschia has had foundation support for a couple of developer boards including HiKey 960 that is based ... more
  • 4 weeks Google Employed Machine Learning to Generate the ‘Nigerian Accent’ for Maps Techweez
    One of the biggest problems in the world is language barriers. The tech industry has made this a bit better with tools like Google Translate and all but it is still not perfect. There are some use cases where using the local dialect for an app could be beneficial. Google ... more
  • 4 weeks A Lot of Google Employees Think a Break-Up Would Be Good for the Company Techweez
    A lot of Google employees think that Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sanders’ calls for breaking up big tech companies like Google and Facebook would be better for the company. The employees have been donating a lot of money to the respective 2020 presidential candidates. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have ... more
  • 4 weeks Spotify Begins to Reap the Benefits from Its Investments on Podcasts Techweez
    Spotify recently released its earning report and things are looking good for the company both in terms of revenue and audience especially podcast listeners. Spotify’s podcast audience has doubled since the year began and has grown by over 50 per cent since the last quarter. The company also boasts that ... more
  • 4 weeks Telkom Kenya to Fire 575 Workers Following Possible Merger with Airtel Techweez
    The plan to merge Telkom and Airtel Kenya operations is gaining momentum if the notice published in dailies today is anything to go by. The announcement, which is authored by Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati echoes the February 2019 reveal that the two telcos had signed a binding agreement to ... more
  • 4 weeks High Court Declares Section of the Kenya Information and Communication Act as ‘Unconstitutional’ Techweez
    Today, the High Court has outlawed a section of the Kenya Information and Communications Act (KICA) where they said it limits freedom of expression. The section in question, section 84D of KICA talks about publishing of obscene information in electronic form. Here is the section: “Any person who publishes or ... more
  • 4 weeks Huawei Shipped 118 Million Phones in H1 2019, Ecosystem Currently Serving 500 Million Users Techweez
    Huawei has officially posted its business results for the first half of 2019. The Chinese corporation revenues jumped by 23.2 percent YoY. The phone maker and telecoms organization’s net profit margins for H1 hit 8.7 percent. Combined H1 revenues from carrier, consumer, and enterprise segments reported $58.3 billion in profit. ... more
  • 4 weeks YouTube to Start Rethinking How It Counts Views After Recent Controversy Techweez
    YouTube has come under fire from Badshah, a Bollywood rapper set a new record that the Giant video-sharing platform isn’t talking about. The Indian rapper recently released a music video for Paagal that amassed 75 million views in the first 24 hours after being uploaded. It now has over 114 million views. ... more
  • 4 weeks Airtel Kenya Cumulative Losses a Near Match to Safaricom’s 2019 Net Earnings Techweez
    For and extended period, Airtel Kenya has been operating while incurring losses. The state’s second largest carrier, which also saw an increased number of subscribers to 13 million based on the latest figures from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), is battling one of the harshest times in its operations ... more
  • 4 weeks Bring Minimalism to the New Twitter Interface with These Three Extensions Techweez
    Twitter recently rolled out a new design to its web version that people loved and hated at equal measure. Even at its testing phase, not many people liked it. People have found ways to go back to the old design but if you like the new interface, here are three ... more
  • 4 weeks Nairobi-Based Payments Firm GPO Group Merges Operations with South Africa’s PayFirst Techweez
    Africa has been playing a pivotal role in making a name for itself thanks to its potential in taking up new technologies, services, and product offerings that serve a broad range of needs. Owing to the educated belief that the continent will serve as the next frontier for the use ... more
  • 4 weeks ICT Ministry Wants to Tax Foreign Commercials That Are Aired in Kenya Techweez
    The State is considering penalizing multinational firms with local operations over their move to shoot commercials in other markets that are aired in Kenya. This was remarked by the ICT Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru on Friday last week. “Adverts are being done outside the country and they are brought in ... more
  • 4 weeks Facebook Is Still Using Two Factor Authentication Phone Numbers to Send Spammy Texts to Users Techweez
    In early 2018, it was revealed that Facebook was using the phone number you gave it for 2-factor authentication to for ad targetting. The FTC barred them from misusing users phone numbers but Facebook is still sending spammy texts to users. The social media giant had been aggressively asking its ... more
  • 4 weeks Google and Huawei Were Working on a Huawei-Branded Smart Speaker. Trump’s Trade Ban Halted Its Progress Techweez
    Donald’s Trump Trade ban on Huawei not only affected their smartphone business with Google but also another project the Chinese tech giant was working with Google – a Huawei-branded smart speaker. Progress on this collaboration between the two tech companies ran into a halt after the Trade ban got into ... more
  • 4 weeks Social Media Tax in Ugands Shockingly Sees Increased Number of Mobile Internet Users Techweez
    Uganda’s ICT watchdog the Communications Commission (UCC) has published the quarterly sector report for Q4 2018 that is from September to end December 2018. The story is interesting because the country has been under scrutiny as far as internet services are concerned. This was after President Yoweri Museveni, and his ... more
  • 4 weeks OPPO’s Twist to Curved Displays is Inspired by Waterfalls Techweez
    Smartphones have become increasingly similar. They have touchscreens, cameras at the front and back and generally the same ports. Manufacturers are forced to come up with ways to standout from the crowd and they do that in interesting ways. An obvious place to stand out from the crowd is by ... more
  • 4 weeks Agri-Tech Firm Taimba Secures KES 10 Million Investment for Expansion Techweez
    Taimba, a Kenyan agri-tech firm that operates a mobile-based cashless platform that links rural, small-scale farmers to urban retailers has announced a KES 10 million funding from Gray Matters Capital. The Nairobi-based startup has crafted its trade by working directly with farmers in remote areas and assists them to deliver ... more
  • 4 weeks KenGen’s Olkaria V Unit 1 Goes Live, Performs Better than Expected Techweez
    Kenya Electricity Generating Company or KenGen for short is the company that is known for producing the largest percentage of electricity consumed in Kenya. One of the areas they have been focusing on is the Olkaria project, where they harness geothermal energy to generate electricity. The company recently announced that their Phase ... more
  • 4 weeks Verinet Escrow Promises Secure Payments for the Kenya Ecommerce Space Techweez
    Ecommerce services in the country are growing as more people start appreciating the gains made from using online marketplaces to buy goods and services. However, the platforms have also been marked by user complaints that range from the dissatisfaction of purchased products to delayed delivery. In some instances, eCommerce has ... more
  • 4 weeks WhatsApp Building a UWP Desktop App, to Soon Add Multiplatform Support Techweez
    WhatsApp is reportedly building a desktop app that will work without having your phone nearby as it is with WhatsApp web version. The giant messaging app might be working on a Universal windows Platform(UWP) according to WABetaInfo. This means that the 1.5 billion active users worldwide will able to access ... more
  • 4 weeks Teens Are Now Switching Their Instagram Profiles to Business Accounts Techweez
    Instagram is testing hiding likes in several countries and this feature will probably roll out globally in the coming months. The feature as Instagram puts it is to reduce the pressure of the platform. Since it launched, the giant photo-sharing social network has been a popularity contest platform and with ... more
  • 4 weeks Microsoft Outlook for Android Adds Suggested Replies Techweez
    Microsoft Outlook for Android has recently been getting updates – it will soon get dark mode but one feature that will make everyone happy is one feature Gmail already has: Suggested Replies. Gmail has had Smart Reply and Smart Compose for a while now since 2015. How it works The ... more
  • 1 month Branch Welcomes Regulation Discussion with Govt, Secures KES 500 Million in Funding Techweez
    Digital lender Branch has announced full repayment of a KES 500 million commercial paper, as well as the issuance of a fourth note of the same amount. This development marks one of the firm’s many funding programs that have since added up to more than KES 1.5 billion in local ... more
  • 1 month Google Play Services Will Let Android’s Autofill Service Automatically Pick Up Verification Codes from SMS Techweez
    We’ve talked about how setting up two-factor authentication is important to securing your online accounts to complement the strong passwords we use(unless you use these ones, which you should immediately change). SMS-based 2FA is the simplest and adoptable of the various two-step authentication methods out there but its inconvenience is ... more
  • 1 month Huawei Offering Upto 20% Discount on their Latest Y Series Smartphones Techweez
    Everybody likes a good deal and it is not uncommon to see discounts of tech devices. It could be store related, manufacturer related or on a special day like Black Friday. Huawei has a number of ‘Y’ series smartphones in the Kenyan market and they have one at the most ... more
  • 1 month Kenya Blockchain Taskforce Findings Rally for Use Cases in Poll Transparency Techweez
    There has been an overwhelming amount of media attention and talk surrounding blockchain over the past years. It has been rallied as a solution to such a broad array of problems that it is increasingly difficult to fully tell what the technology can or cannot do, let alone develop a ... more
  • 1 month Huawei Revenues Grow by 30 Percent Amid U.S. Restrictions Techweez
    Huawei has been on a hot seat since May 2019. The Chinese tech corporation, which has made a name for itself by building networking infrastructure for carriers across the globe and selling class-leading Android smartphones was banned from doing business with American companies after a directive issued by the super ... more
  • 1 month Google Updates Privacy Policy for its Chrome Extensions Techweez
    Google has updated its privacy policy regarding Chrome extensions following the recent revelation that there are extensions on the web store that have been stealing user data which gets sold without your consent. Google is setting new privacy standards for Chrome extensions regarding user data that will be enforced this ... more
  • 1 month State Generously Extends E-Passport Travel Deadline Techweez
    Acquiring the freshly minted e-passports in Kenya has been a sad exercise because folks who travel a lot, and those who want to shield themselves from last-minute rushes have been forced to endure queues at Nyayo House for the modernized travel document. The need to pick digital passports was fueled ... more
  • 1 month Facebook Fined $5 Billion Over Cambridge Analytica Saga Techweez
    Remember when social media giant Facebook was battling privacy issues after it emerged the network had colluded with troubled data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica to influence people during U.S.’s polls, among other elections in the world including Kenya’s? Well, the case did not go away, and for more than 12 ... more
  • 1 month Here’s How to Get Back the Old Twitter Design Techweez
    Twitter recently revamped their web version and gave it a new design that received hate and love in equal measure but mostly hate. Well, if you didn’t like the new design, there’s a new extension that lets you go back to the old Twitter design and works for both Chrome, ... more
  • 1 month Nokia 8.2 to Launch with Pop-Up Selfie Camera and Android 10 Q Techweez
    Nokia 8.2 will be a successor to the Nokia 8.1 that released late last year. The Nokia 8.2 is slated to launch in September this year and will come with new features including a pop-up selfie camera, the first in the company’s history. Nokia is ditching the notch for a ... more
  • 1 month ‘Lights out’ Dark Mode Coming to Twitter for Android This September Techweez
    Twitter announced that the ‘Lights Out’ dark mode will be coming to its Android app later this year. Twitter has been testing a couple of features since the year began for both its apps and the web version. The latest development is that ‘Lights Out’ dark mode will be rolling ... more
  • 1 month Comparison Between Google Photos and Gallery Go Techweez
    On Wednesday at the third annual Google for Nigeria event, the tech giant launched Gallery Go, a Google Photos alternative for low spec’d phones that will organize photos using the same features Google Photos has but occupy less space and work offline too. Users should expect machine learning capabilities and photo ... more
  • 1 month How to Access Your Instagram DMs from the Web or the Desktop Techweez
    Instagram really doesn’t want you to leave the app at all costs especially since it began as app unlike its parent company Facebook which started from the web and then later launched for our smartphones. The giant photo-sharing platform is too slow to add features from its mobile app to ... more
  • 1 month Laura Chite Appointed to Communications Authority Board Techweez
    Laura Chite, CEO, CIO East Africa will be one of the board members of the Communications Authority of Kenya. The appointment, which has since been gazetted, was done by the CS for ICT Joe Mucheru, who also announced three other members for the nation’s ICT regulator. “In exercise of the ... more
  • 1 month Heritage Insurance Introduces Telematics Tool to Push for Safe Driving Techweez
    Car owners have always had a love-hate relationship with their insurance providers for a variety of reasons. Either way, companies that offer these services continue to appeal to their customers with new products that are geared toward making their customers happy. Without insurance, for instance, drivers would be responsible for ... more
  • 1 month Cameroon Tax Law Requires Telcos to Pay For App Downloads on their Network Techweez
    The smartphone and social media boom in the last decade has caught governments unaware all over the world. This has led to a situation where they come up with laws when such technology is the norm. Interesting enough, it has also borne a situation where we get to see weird ... more
  • 1 month WhatsApp is Now Available on This ‘Relatively New’ Feature Phone OS Techweez
    WhatsApp is one of those few apps that are available on most platforms. Its cross platform availability is its best feature and that is not ending soon. We live in an era where we generally have two main platforms for phones: Android and iOS. Feature phones have been relegated but ... more
  • 1 month Kenya Airports Authority is Dumping Junk Aircraft at Rock Bottom Prices Techweez
    The large pieces of flying metal that are infused with aircraft technology cannot rule the skies forever. So, what happens when they fail or just give up? Well, airlines can decide to ground them for decommissioning purposes, and in some instances, they can sell them to interested parties who may ... more
  • 1 month Instagram Began Testing Hidden Likes. People Are Loving Them and Yes, Influencers Will Do Just Fine. Techweez
    Instagram has been testing hiding likes from posted photos after announcing it three months ago at this year’s Facebook’s annual developer conference with a motive to lessen the pressure on the platform. Instagram has been a platform for contesting for popularity and the giant photo-sharing social network initiative of hiding ... more
  • 1 month NSO Group Improved Their WhatsApp Spyware, It Can Now Pry Your Google, Facebook and iCloud Data Techweez
    If you thought the WhatsApp hack by NSO Group early this year was worse, the Israeli company has now improved their spyware to do even more prying. In May, WhatsApp had a critical vulnerability that let attackers install Pegasus through a call that exposed civil rights activists and dissidents to ... more
  • 1 month Asus ROG II is the Most Gamer Phone Yet Techweez
    Gaming phones started becoming a trend last year and Asus had one: The ROG phone. It had an aggressive design, fans, 90Hz OLED screen and of course the top end CPU at the time. Well, recently, Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 855 Plus which was a souped up version of the ... more
  • 1 month OPPO Announces Reno 10x Zoom with Shark Fin Pop-Up Camera in Kenya Techweez
    Remember when the Huawei P30 Pro hit the headlines with its fantastic zoom lens that does up to 5X optical zoom? Well, its Chinese home rival, OPPO, has the same camera trick in the name of OPPO Reno 10x Zoom that just went live in the Kenyan market. OPPO has ... more
  • 1 month Google to Settle Privacy Abuses and Job Discrimination Case in Multi-million Payout Techweez
    In most cases, tech corporations do not run their operations smoothly. Since the organizations command a substantial market share, they are always under scrutiny for any missteps, which is what happened to search giant Google that has since been sued for a series of malpractices. The American company was accused ... more
  • 1 month Smartphones Priced Between Kshs 20,000 and Kshs 25,000 are the Real Deal Techweez
    You can get a smartphone from basically any price bracket. Cheaper phones usually have basic specs and expensive phones have relatively better specifications. However, hanks to the law of diminishing returns, the value of what you’re paying for decreases as you get a more expensive phone. This is why I ... more
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