• 3 months WhatsApp Status to Get Ads Starting Next Year Techweez
    Brace yourselves, ads are coming. WhatsApp Status feature stolen from Snapchat Stories is getting ads starting next year. After being bought by Facebook, they had yet to start fully monetize this popular messaging platform and it was bound to happen sooner or later. Later last year, WhatsApp executive confirmed that ... more
  • 3 months Instagram Influencers, Celebrities and Brands Contact Info Scraped and Exposed Techweez
    Instagram, the giant photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook suffered another privacy mishap as contact details of millions of influencers, celebrities and brands got scraped and exposed in a massive database that was found online. The non-password protected database hosted by Amazon Web Services had more than 49 ... more
  • 3 months Delete the Vidmate App Now! Techweez
    Vidmate is a popular Android app, that allows users to download videos from social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and giant video sharing app YouTube. Recently, the app has been behaving suspiciously. The app has been acting strangely by draining phone’s battery, showing users hidden ads, consuming mobile ... more
  • 3 months Safaricom Now Lets Customers Pay For Home Fiber Through PostPay Techweez
    Safaricom today has announced an alternative payment method for their customers who use Safaricom Home Fibre. Their new system which they call Payment through PostPay Limit will allow PostPay customers to pay for their fiber subscriptions using their PostPay limit. All you have to do is dial *400# , select ‘Manage your ... more
  • 3 months Huawei Gets 90 Day Reprieve, Temporarily Bringing Back Its Android License Techweez
    The past couple of days have been a whirlwind for the Chinese tech giant, Huawei. This comes after the news on Thursday where the US administration added the company to a trade blacklist. Huawei joined other companies in the Entity list that makes it hard for them to do business ... more
  • 3 months Asus Brings Zenbook Pro Laptop to Kenya with Touchscreen Trackpad Techweez
    Asus, a well known player in the PC industry has brought its signature Zenbook Pro line of laptops to the Kenyan market. The  laptop in question is the Asus Zenbook Pro UX480F which is squarely aimed at the premium market and it has the specifications to boot. The Zenbook Pro UX480F is a premium laptop ... more
  • 3 months Safaricom’s Messaging App Bonga Gets a New Name Techweez
    Safaricom has quite a number of apps to its roster and one of the more interesting ones was Bonga. They announced Bonga last year, which was a new instant messaging platform with deep MPESA integration. The app was developed by the Alpha team which was headed by the former iHub CEO, ... more
  • 3 months Safaricom’s Messaging App Bonga Gets a New Name Techweez
    This article has been withdrawn. Read On Web → Safaricom’s Messaging App Bonga Gets a New Name ... more
  • 3 months Huawei Statement Inspires Confidence Among New and Existing Android Customers Techweez
    Huawei has been under immense pressure for a long time now. It has navigated the murky waters of trade wars successfully until yesterday when Google announced that it would effectively cut ties with manufacturer. The development implies that future Huawei and Honor devices will not ship with Android, and while ... more
  • 3 months Kenya Government and CBK Launch SME Loan Product with Five Banks Techweez
    Access to credit services, especially from established and traditional financial organizations has been a challenge for a lot of informal or growing businesses. It is an issue that has been around for some time, but has since been managed, albeit using third-party options that are not backed by any state ... more
  • 3 months Huawei Responds: Current Android Devices to Receive Support, Future of its Smartphone Business is Unknown Techweez
    There is no denying that Huawei’s success in the telecoms and smartphone business has made it a target of trade wars from Western markets. In the last couple of years, the Chinese technology company has asserted its authority in the insanely competitive telecoms business, and has done a darn good ... more
  • 3 months Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Meme Compilation Techweez
    The Iron Throne is the last episode that closes the chapter on the fantasy show Game of Thrones. After eight seasons and 73 episodes, the finale is here and so are the reactions and memes from its fans. We have compiled the best memes, reactions and hilarious jokes to spark ... more
  • 3 months Google Data Explain the Importance of Setting up a Recovery Number to Prevent Phishing Attacks Techweez
    Google really wants you to protect your account against phishing attacks by using all the necessary security features the company is providing to its users such as multifactor authentication and setting up a recovery phone number. The search giant company has statistics to prove how effective these features are. At ... more
  • 3 months Google Will Deny Future Huawei Phones Access To Google Services and Android Updates Techweez
    Google is being reported to have suspended business with Huawei in regard to ‘transfer of hardware and software products except those covered by open licences’. Reuters reports that a source says that Huawei will immediately lose access to updates to Android as well as the next version of smartphones outside of ... more
  • 3 months Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: Expect Things to Go from Bad to Worse Techweez
    Game of Thrones season finale is here. What should we expect, we don’t know but it is surely exciting or not, depending on who you ask. So far things have gone from bad to worse but on tonight’s ultimate episode, expect surprises and disappointment in equal measure. The past two seasons ... more
  • 3 months Safaricom is Currently Experiencing Outage in South Nyanza Region Techweez
    Safaricom appears to have experienced a technical issue in the South Nyanza region. People who are in that part of the country have reported difficulties while making calls, while other have had their calls dropped. is there a problem with your network @SafaricomPLC @Safaricom_Care — Willian Otis (@WILLLANO13) May 19, ... more
  • 3 months Expect to See More Facebook Posts from Your Close Friends as News Feed Algorithm Gets Tweaked Techweez
    Facebook is constantly tweaking its news feed algorithm and from now on expect to see more posts from your close friends that includes baby photos, cat or kitten videos to memes in general rather than from distant acquaintances. This comes after Facebook conducted surveys as they tried to understand what ... more
  • 3 months Man Jailed For Distributing Decoders That Infringe on DStv’s Copyrights Techweez
    The Kenya Copyright Board has announced that a man has been jailed for copyright infringement over copyright infringement. The man, Mr Peter Imbati Esiaba was yesterday jailed for 5 years by Nairobi’s Chief Magistrate, Hon H. Onkwani for distributing decoders that streamed content that infringes on DStv rights. Mr Peter ... more
  • 3 months Suspicious Overnight Battery Drain on Your Android Phone? Blame the Netflix App – Here’s Why! Techweez
    Waking up after a night of binge-watching Altered Carbon on Netflix and then finding out that your battery drained like crazy overnight might make you be more suspicious of apps that went rogue while you slept – we’ve all been here or at least for some, so what is really ... more
  • 3 months Facebook Set to Soon Launch This Privacy Feature They Announced Last Year Techweez
    Facebook is set to soon launch a privacy feature that will let people delete data important for targeting ads. It was announced last year. Early this week, Facebook announced the long-expected “clear history” feature that will begin rolling out in the coming months. The clear history feature will let users ... more
  • 3 months MPESA Gets 2 Hour Countrywide Outage Techweez
    Safaricom’s mobile messaging service, MPESA is one of their most used products and people use it for different ways. Well it is experiencing a massive outage and people on social networks have expressed their disappointment over this fact. @Safaricom_Care I just bought 1K airtime from MPESA and no response, you're ... more
  • 3 months Instagram’s Direct Messaging App Is Being Killed Off Techweez
    Instagram Direct messaging app is being killed off as the Facebook-owned giant photo sharing platform will no longer be supporting the app. Users of the app have been getting notifications that Instagram Direct will no longer be supported in the coming month. The app has four tabs, Camera, Messages, Stories ... more
  • 3 months Telegram’s Founder Slams WhatsApp Over its Security Lapses Techweez
    One of the biggest news for the week is the one regarding WhatsApp’s security. Researchers found a critical vulnerability on WhatsApp voice calls that could be exploited to get your phone’s entire data. Since WhatsApp is usually touted as a ‘secure’ platform with ‘end to end’ encryption, this has come ... more
  • 3 months OPPO F11 Pro First Impressions Techweez
    OPPO F11 Pro builds on the reputation of OPPO as a camera phone with revolutionary camera tech, design and engineering excellence. Read On Web → OPPO F11 Pro First Impressions ... more
  • 3 months [Video] TekITnGo Infinix S4 Overview Techweez
    In this episode of TekItnGo, we take an overview of the Infinix S4, the company’s latest ‘S’ series smartphone which has a particular focus on camera. In the video, Martin Githinji takes you on a fun overview of the Infinix S4 features which will give you a visual feel of what you ... more
  • 3 months Jumia Slapped With a Class Action Lawsuit Over IPO Techweez
      Recently, Jumia, the well known ecommerce site, listed at the biggest stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange. The stock did very well at the start where it went up by 75% on the first day but then plunged thanks to a report by Citron Research which accused them ... more
  • 3 months Kenya’s Communications Authority Unveils a Robust Digital Economy Blueprint Techweez
    The Kenya government alongside the Communications Authority of Kenya has released the Digital Economy Blueprint that will be used to heighten the offerings of the state and Africa at large in terms of economic growth. The document delves into a couple of key areas that are centred on ICT and ... more
  • 3 months U.K. Rights Group Privacy International Wins Supreme Court Case Against Spy Agency Techweez
    Privacy International (PI), a U.K.-based rights organization has reported a key win at the Kingdom’s Supreme Court that has ruled that any decisions made by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) that is essentially a spying tribunal are subject to judicial review in the High Court. We won! The UK Supreme ... more
  • 3 months Facebook Brings Back “View As Public” and “Edit Public Details” Button Directly to Profiles Techweez
    Facebook brings back “view as public” and “edit public details” button directly to profiles. The features had been removed following a data breach last year that compromised 50M accounts including Mark’s and more than 90 million users had to log out. In a tweet posted last night, Facebook announced the reintroduction ... more
  • 3 months Some Uber Customers Can Now Choose to Ride With Non-Chatty Drivers Techweez
    Amid underwhelming performance during its IPO in the NYSE, taxi app Uber has announced a new service called Quiet Mode. Available only for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV and only in the U.S., the feature will allow riders select an option where the driver does not talk to them ... more
  • 3 months Huawei P20 Lite 2019 Specifications and Price in Kenya Techweez
    It has become a norm for Huawei to release three variants of their P series line of phones. Last year, we had the P20, P20 Pro and the P20 Lite. The formula was replicated during the announcement of the P30 series a few weeks ago. While it has not been ... more
  • 3 months Microsoft Opens First $100 Million Africa Development Centre in Kenya and Nigeria Techweez
    Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they are opening their first Africa Development Centre in two African countries: Kenya and Nigeria. Their initial sites will be set in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya which will serve as their centre of engineering for Microsoft. This will be a combined $100 million (Kshs 10 ... more
  • 3 months Safaricom Introduces Free YouTube Access for Some ‘All In One Bundle’ Subscriptions Techweez
      Safaricom appears to have introduced free YouTube access for All In One Monthly Bundles. Capped at 5 GB (for the subscription session), users can now enjoy watching their favourite videos on the platform without making a dent on their All In One data allocation. As the name suggests, All ... more
  • 3 months WhatsApp Exploit Allowed Government-Grade Spyware to Be Installed on Phones Techweez
    Popular messaging app, WhatsApp had a vulnerability that allowed attackers to install government-grade spyware. The vulnerability allowed a caller to install the spyware on the device being called regardless of whether or not the call was answered. These calls often disappeared from the call logs. This loophole exposed civil rights ... more
  • 3 months US Supreme Court Rules Against Apple on App Store Antitrust Lawsuit Techweez
    Today, the United States Supreme court ruled against Apple where they said iPhone users can pursue their antitrust lawsuit involving Apple’s App Store. This means that the Supreme Court will let the antitrust lawsuit against Apple proceed. iPhone users argued that the ‘Apple tax’ (30% commission on sales) was an  ... more
  • 3 months Infinix S4 Full Review: This Is My Next Techweez
    The Infinix S4 is the latest smartphone from Infinix launched mid last month and I’ve been using it as my daily driver since then and this is my definitive full review. I even compared it with the Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 to see how it stacks up against competing smartphones ... more
  • 3 months This Kenyan Website Lets You Pay to Anonymously Text Your Friends Game of Thrones Spoilers Techweez
    Game of Thrones is an insanely popular show and when an episodes drops, social media erupts with comments and memes about the latest episode. However not everyone gets to watch the show at the same time and this leads to a situation where you see spoilers everywhere on social media. ... more
  • 3 months mySafaricom M-PESA Transaction Failures are Embarrassingly Common and Need a Permanent Fix Techweez
    Safaricom’s utility app mySafaricom is an excellent tool when it works. The app was launched more than two years and over time, it has been imparted with key additions to make it the go-to utility for folks that do not want to fumble with SIM toolkit menus. One of the ... more
  • 3 months This YouTube Channel Parodies Game of Thrones’ Inside the Episode Clips Techweez
    Game of Thrones final season is finally here and we’re five episodes in with one remaining. The showrunners have been releasing Inside the Episode clips on YouTube where they break down the episode after it airs and what they wanted to convey in the episode and what we should expect ... more
  • 3 months Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Meme Compilation Techweez
    The previous episode had the Night King and the Army of the Undead defeated with priorities now shifted to the fight against Cersei. The last few episodes haven’t made fans happy with how things turned out from criticizing the cinematography especially with the too dark scenes, Ghost the Direwolf not ... more
  • 4 months Uber Lists in NYSE as Shares Start Below IPO Price at $42 Techweez
    E-taxi giant Uber IPO has finally arrived. Its trade in the NYSE was launched sometime today at $42. It has been reported that this is the largest public offering in the tech industry after Facebook and Ali Baba’s IPOs, having raked in an $82.4 billion IPO valuation. Yesterday’s projections priced ... more
  • 4 months There Has to Be a Better Solution Than Breaking up Facebook Techweez
    Facebook has had a rough couple of years but people calling for the scandal-ridden(data privacy and misinformation) social media giant to break up is kind of missing the point and there has to be a better solution than splitting it. Calls for the breaking up the company have been growing ... more
  • 4 months The State of Progressive Web Apps(PWA) Techweez
    There has been a recent uptake of Progressive Web Apps and they’re getting better on desktop computers and smartphones which should worry app stores. Progressive web apps are changing how users download apps as you can now install some of your favorite apps just busy clicking a button in the ... more
  • 4 months Research Firm’s Damning Report See Jumia’s Stock Hit Rock Bottom Techweez
    A couple of weeks ago, ecommerce giant made headlines by listing in the New York Stock Exchange. It was a big deal because the company sold the development as ‘Africa’s first unicorn’ to trade in the prestigious NYSE. Of course, the phrase ‘African company’ was disputed widely, as the records ... more
  • 4 months The Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner Needs a Renaissance on Flagship Phones Techweez
    As early as 2012, hardly any major smartphone manufacturer had a phone with a fingerprint scanner, save for the Motorola Atrix. The fingerprint scanner was a great addition to the smartphone arsenal since it provided another layer of security save for the classic PIN/password/pattern ones that we were used to. ... more
  • 4 months Huawei Will Update 8 Smartphones to Android Q When Released Techweez
    Google released the Android Q beta recently and now we are in the process of waiting for the launch of the final release. They released the beta update to 21 devices, which includes a Huawei phone and now we are getting more good news from the company. According to a ... more
  • 4 months Ever App Illegally Developed Facial Recognition Tools Using Millions of Photos Uploaded to the Cloud Storage Platform Techweez
    Ever app began as a normal cloud storage company in 2013 before pivoting to the AI business and renaming itself to Ever AI without informing its millions of users. The company then used the millions of photos uploaded to the site to develop facial recognition tools. A quick check on ... more
  • 4 months Equity Bank Eyes Ethiopia Market, Reports KES 6.2 Billion Pre-tax Profit in Q1 2019 Techweez
    Equity Bank, which briefs investors on a regular basis about its growth projections has announced 2019’s first quarter financials. The lender, which continues to steer its services and products towards full digitization reported a 6 percent jump in profits before the taxman takes his cut. The bank, which inked a ... more
  • 4 months Data Protection and Privacy Bill 2018 Given a Go Ahead by ICT CS Mucheru Techweez
    During the government’s initial campaign for Huduma Namba registration, the NIIMs database that should reportedly hone the delivery of services to Kenyans, it was reported that President Kenyatta had approved the progressive draft of the Data Protection Bill, 2018. The sentiment has since been echoed by the ICT CS Joe ... more
  • 4 months Kenya Aviation Authority Sets Date for Drones Regulations Public Participation Techweez
    The aviation world has grown significantly. The latest addition to its wide range of devices and services is the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) that have been key to offering new and exciting opportunities for people such as content creators and enthusiasts who use them for leisure purposes, among other applications. ... more
  • 4 months KRA to Crack Down on Some E-commerce and Informal Online Businesses that Don’t Pay Tax Techweez
    People engage in businesses of all kinds. However, the growth of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have made it easier for anyone to sell goods and services to their online fans and friends. Some have customized e-commerce platforms for their wares. This has been the case ... more
  • 4 months Game of Thrones Director Explains Why Jon Didn’t Pet Ghost. Fans Are Not Having It. Techweez
    In Game of Thrones latest episode, The Last of the Starks, we witnessed one of the most saddest scenes where Jon leaves for the King’s Landing without petting goodbye Ghost, his Direwolf. Fans of the show were so distraught as this is unlike Jon’s character. The scene left fans confused ... more
  • 4 months WhatsApp Will End Support for Windows Phone, Older Android and iOS Versions Techweez
    WhatsApp is planning to end support for Windows Phone. This goes for some older versions of Android and iOS as well. This means that by 31st December 2019, the chat app will stop working for Windows Phone and by next year, the Facebook owned app will no longer support smartphones ... more
  • 4 months The Present Is Private: Google’s Commitment to Privacy Techweez
    Goole I/O 2019 began yesterday and Privacy was one of the most touched on subjects during the developer conference the tech giant hosts every year. On matters privacy, Google is more about implementing rather than talking about privacy features it’s embedding and upgrading in its software and hardware products unlike ... more
  • 4 months Andela Appoints Former BRCK Executive as Kenya Country Director Techweez
    Andela, the tech company that identifies and develops software developers has announced the appointment of a new Country Director for Kenya. Janet Maingi will become the new Andela Country Director for Kenya and she joins the company from BRCK where she was the Director of Finance and Administration and previously ... more
  • 4 months Huawei Y5 2019 to Be Launched in Kenya Techweez
    The Huawei Y5 2019 is set to launch in Kenya very soon. Huawei has decided to drop the Prime name that features on last year’s Huawei Y5 Prime 2018. However it has decided to pick on Amber brown leather back similar to Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 plus their signature waterdrop ... more
  • 4 months Makerere University is Among the 20 Grantees of The Google AI Impact Challenge Techweez
    Yesterday, Google launched the 2019 edition of the I/O conference and they announced a lot of cool stuff. However, a certain announcement went under the radar yesterday and it is about the finalists to Google’s AI Impact challenge. Google finally announced the 20 finalists for their AI Impact challenge yesterday. ... more
  • 4 months 6 Key Announcements From 2019 Google I/O Developer Conference Techweez
    Yesterday was day one of Google’s annual I/O conference where they get the opportunity to showcase new hardware and software to the world. In this year’s conference, they did show a number of cool features that we can enjoy now or in the near future and here are the main ... more
  • 4 months A TECNO phone is Among The First Bunch of Phones to Get Android Q Beta Today Techweez
    Today is Google I/O 2019 edition which is the yearly developer conference Google uses to announce new updates to their ecosystem. One of the updates is usually a preview of the next version of Android which will be Android 10 Q. Like every other Google I/O, they usually release the beta ... more
  • 4 months A Blast from the Past: The First 10 Android Android Apps I Installed Techweez
    I managed to resurrect the first Gmail address I opened sometime in 2009 when I was in my last year in high school. I opened it primarily to sign up for Facebook, which was still a hot platform back in the day with millions of users, and hadn’t grown so ... more
  • 4 months Healthcare Firm MYDAWA Receives KES 300 Million Investment from Africa HealthCare Master Fund Techweez
    Healthcare startup MYDAWA has received a $3 million investment from Africa HealthCare Master Fund. The e-healthcare platform has reported that the funds will be used to expand its turf in Kenya to grow its overall vision and goal of providing access to affordable healthcare, with high-quality medicine and healthcare products ... more
  • 4 months Game of Thrones Executive Producer Apologises After a Starbucks Coffee Cup Was Spotted in the Show’s Latest Episode Techweez
    On Sundays airing of Game of Thrones final season episode 4, a Starbucks coffee cup was spotted early during a scene in the Last of the Starks episode. The to-go cup was left on set and had fans irritated that a slip-up of this magnitude happened on TVs most expensive ... more
  • 4 months When is it Time For a Business to Move Their Data Offsite? Techweez
    At what point in a business’ growth does expanding their data to an off-site facility go from a good idea to an absolute necessity? If you’re reading this, chances are very good that you’re leaning towards a move towards a colocation and you’re comparing your options. To help those of ... more
  • 4 months Twitter Rolls Out Attaching GIFs, Videos or Photos to Quote Retweets Techweez
    Twitter’s retweeting system has always been a mess but we have two ways to retweet: A plain simple retweet and the quote retweet where you get to add a comment or something. The last one, the quote retweet, has always been fun to use where people add their comments to ... more
  • 4 months Google I/O 2019: Here’s What We Expect to See Techweez
    With each Google I/O, the tech giant announces its latest software and hardware developments and this year’s iteration which is in it’s fourth year running will be no different. Worth noting, Google is turning 21 year this year. Here’s everything we expect to see Pixel 3a and 3a XL Google ... more
  • 4 months Microsoft Will Stop Surprising You With Windows 10 Updates Techweez
    If there is one aspect that people hate about Windows is updates. It has become an irritant where Windows will take too long to update them in some cases and this forces people to pause them for installation later. In Windows 10, we have seen a new type of update process by ... more
  • 4 months YouTuber Modifies His Roomba to Swear When It Bumps Into Stuff Techweez
    Humans have been making robots do most of the menial work and with smart home tech becoming more autonomous and our lives more convenient. This YouTuber decided to modify his Roomba to swear off like a human when it hits stuff. Michael Reeve is no stranger to modifying gadgets. He ... more
  • 4 months Podcast Firm PortableVoices Eyes Local Audio Content Creators with New Studio in Nairobi Techweez
    In the last couple of years, there has been a growing interest in the latest generation of web-based services and tools such as podcasts. Podcasts, in essence, are media files that are distributed over the internet, and played on our devices such as computers and handheld smart gadgets with the ... more
  • 4 months Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Meme Compilation Techweez
    Memes. Memes. Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, The Last of the Starks had fans recreate and caption their best and worst moments using memes. We decided to compile all of them. The Last of the Starks was a whirlwind of an episode: From the burning the dead, seating ... more
  • 4 months How to Disable Google AMP for Google Searches on Android and iPhone Techweez
    Google AMP is Google’s way of making optimized web pages displayed on your Android device or iPhone in Google search results. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages was launched By Google in October 2015. They load faster up to 10 times faster than regular websites and uses less data and ... more
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