• 5 days George Clooney once gave 14 friends Ksh.109M each — in cash Citizen -LS
    George Clooney’s a family man now. He mostly stays off screen, opting to spend time with his young children and his wife, international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney. But before he settled down, he squeezed in one more outrageous, if generous, caper when he visited a warehouse in ... more
  • 5 days In pictures: Nairobi’s Moët & Chandon Grand Day 2020 parties CapitalFM -LS
    While big achievements are always a worthy cause for a celebration, it’s imperative to also note that the day-to-day moments that really have a huge impact in our lives; the small wins that we sometimes ignore, are actually the drive that keeps us going in between those big milestones. ... more
  • 7 days Kenya’s white giraffe fitted with GPS tracking device Citizen -LS
    The world’s only known white giraffe has been fitted with a GPS tracking device at Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy in Ijara, Garissa County. The white male giraffe has leucism – a rare genetic trait – and until March 2020 was one of three giraffes with the condition in ... more
  • 7 days 10 Simple yet Chic Ways to Spruce up Boring Walls CapitalFM -LS
    There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and this logic can apply to boring walls as well. Accent walls have been known in the interior styling/design world to improve more than the overall look of a room but also have an effect on your mood as ... more
  • 1 week Kisima Awards 2020 gets Ksh.5 million boost from KFCB Citizen -LS
    The Pan African Kisima Music & Film Awards 2020 on Friday received a heavy boost after signing a Ksh.5 million partnership with the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). The partnership, according to a statement sent to newsrooms, includes Ksh.1 million to a winner in one of the film ... more
  • 2 weeks The girls Kamala Harris addressed in her speech were watching closely Citizen -LS
    Even the girls too young to understand her were rapt when Sen. Kamala Harris gave her first speech as vice president-elect. When Harris spoke to the nation and singled out women and girls and the possibilities her victory inspires, many of them watched her and took her words ... more
  • 2 weeks 30 Day Challenges to Try That Will Make You Feel Better About 2020 CapitalFM -LS
    2020 is almost over (insert rolling eyes emoji here) and we cannot wait to say goodbye to it. While it has been kinder to some and tougher on others we can all freely agree that “What have you achieved this year?” is a question that was banned this ... more
  • 2 weeks Kenya’s top five nurses to be awarded for outstanding work with diabetes patients Citizen -LS
    Kenya’s top five nurses who have shown outstanding performance and contributions to diabetic patients will be awarded during this year’s World Diabetes Day. They are Jane Gitahi (Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret); Gladys Chesire (Nakuru Provincial Hospital); Joyce Mbugua (Thika level 5) Nerea M’ Mbolo (Jaralam Medical) ... more
  • 2 weeks Africa’s social star: Elsa Majimbo wins E! People’s Choice Award Citizen -LS
    The chip-eating, rib-cracking and overly sensational Elsa Majimbo has beaten everyone else in her category to bag the coveted 2020’s E! People’s Choice Awards African Social Star Category. If you are wondering whether this is a big deal.We got news for you. It is outstanding! Ms Majimbo who ... more
  • 2 weeks Biden win seen as green light for women’s reproductive rights Citizen -LS
    Democrat Joe Biden as U.S. president will bring sweeping changes to women’s reproductive rights globally, starting with overturning a U.S. policy banning government-funded aid groups from mentioning abortion, according to campaign groups. The so-called global gag rule has been imposed by Republican presidents since 1984 via executive order, ... more
  • 2 weeks ‘Magic mushroom’ ingredient could work as mental health treatment Citizen -LS
    While magic mushrooms are known for their hallucinogenic effects, they may also have a role to play in the treatment of some mental health treatment. Or they might, if tjhey weren’t illegal in most states. Oregon has become the first US state to make psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound ... more
  • 2 weeks COVID-19 restrictions led to polio, measles outbreaks: WHO Citizen -LS
    The World Health Organization (WHO) warned Friday the COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictions and demands on resources have stifled immunization programs, leading to polio and measles outbreaks among children in the poorest parts of the world. At the WHO’s regular briefing in Geneva, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that ... more
  • 3 weeks ‘Kenyan’ Instagram sensation Elsa Majimbo catches Steve Harvey’s eye Citizen -LS
    If you thought that Kenyan-based Instagram tickler Elsa Majimbo was not going places, it is clearer than a sunny afternoon. You don’t think. Ms Majimbo who is riding the coattails of her global superstardom- which includes over 1M followers on the gram- recently got a nod from the ... more
  • 3 weeks 28 Best Pieces of Marriage Advice from the elderly in the society CapitalFM -LS
    1. Marriage is not for quitters. 2. You will feel proud of yourself looking back knowing that you honoured your vows. 3. If you do marriage right, it will bring out the best in you and in your spouse . 4. Sex is important but not the only thing ... more
  • 3 weeks Kenyan thriller film, 40 Sticks, set for Netflix debut Citizen -LS
    The Kenyan film industry is once again celebrating a milestone as another locally-produced film prepares to make its grand entry into global streaming platform Netflix. The feature film, dubbed ’40 Sticks’, a 95-minute Kenyan thriller set in Nairobi, will on Friday November 20, 2020 make its debut on ... more
  • 3 weeks Citizen TV’s Dorcas Wangira is among 100 most influential young Africans Citizen -LS
    Dorcas Wangira, an award winning journalist at Citizen TV, has been announced as one of the 100 most influential young Africans in 2020. Also Read: Dorcas Wangira wins prestigious Michael Elliott Award She has been listed alongside 7 young ministers from across the continent as well as other ... more
  • 3 weeks Women in Business: Rose Mwebi fights to stay afloat amid COVID-19 Citizen -LS
    Rose Mwebi, 42, steels herself everyday to keep her business ventures in Kenya’s Kisii County afloat at the time of a global pandemic. She cannot afford to fail. “I have my goals set. Let us fight, we are there to fight, let us continue fighting,” she asserts. Mwebi ... more
  • 4 weeks British charity Comic Relief stops sending celebs to Africa after ‘white saviour’ furore Citizen -LS
    British charity Comic Relief said on Wednesday that it will stop sending celebrities to Africa to raise funds following criticism that figures like singer Ed Sheeran acted like “white saviours”. The charity won a Norwegian advocacy group’s Rusty Radiator Award for the worst appeal of 2017 for a ... more
  • 4 weeks Mercedes Benz C-Class; Sporty, spacious & sleek. A day out in Limuru CapitalFM -LS
    It has been hailed as the biggest selling and most popular Mercedes Benz, and with that in mind, we could not resist taking this cute C200 Exclusive finished in Mojave Silver, out for a day to the beautiful and picturesque tea plantations in Limuru, Kiambu County. ... more
  • 4 weeks Miners face new tuberculosis threat as COVID-19 disrupts treatment Citizen -LS
    Vama Jele’s heart dropped every time he heard that another migrant miner home from South Africa had died from tuberculosis (TB) due to skipping treatment under lockdown. In just four months, it happened 60 times. When COVID-19 shut South Africa’s mines, workers from Jele’s homeland eSwatini and other ... more
  • 4 weeks 13 Houseplants That You Definitely Need In Your Home CapitalFM -LS
    I have heard of shoe collectors, book collectors, mug collectors, fridge magnet collectors, perfume collectors among other fabulous things collectors but I have recently come across houseplant collectors who have piqued my interest. When I say houseplant collectors, I mean people who have a collection of more than ... more
  • 1 month Eddy Kimani Shares his Struggle with Depression and Recovery Journey CapitalFM -LS
    The conversation on mental health and well-being is one that has gained traction over the last few years and particularly in 2020 where the COVID-19 crisis has sparked stress, anxiety, fear sadness and frustration.  With so much going on around us, it is important that we share the stories ... more
  • 1 month Early identification of prehypertension as a preventive measure can avert associated morbidity and death Citizen -LS
    As Kenya joined the world in marking World Hypertension Day on Saturday, a new study has revealed an overall burden of 54.5% and 20.8% for prehypertension and hypertension respectively, out of a sample size of 5.9 million participants. Collected from the Healthy Heart Africa programme, the study also ... more
  • 1 month Renee Ngamau leads fight to save Nairobi’s playgrounds and public spaces Citizen -LS
    It’s hard to keep up with Renee Ngamau. From mentoring women entrepreneurs to campaigning against police brutality, the Kenyan lawyer, businesswomen, human rights activist – and former prime-time radio disc jockey – has taken up many social causes over the years. But Ngamau’s latest crusade to protect Kenya’s ... more
  • 1 month Google, National Museums of Kenya unveil Superheroes stories on Mashujaa Day Citizen -LS
    Google Arts and Culture and the National Museums of Kenya have partnered to launch Superheroes stories to mark this year’s Mashujaa Day and enhance awareness around Kenya’s heritage. Superheroes is an online exhibition that celebrates Kenya’s history by honouring the heroes and heroines from all the 44 Kenyan ... more
  • 1 month Google Arts & Culture Documents 61 Stories of Unsung Kenyan Heroes CapitalFM -LS
    Today we celebrate Mashujaa day, an opportunity for Kenyans to remember the women and men who shaped history by fighting, tenaciously for their communities’ land, freedom and spiritual well-being. By telling their stories, we get to honour them for believing in and living for something bigger than themselves. Monday, ... more
  • 1 month 90 Foods That Will Help You Look Great and Feel Great CapitalFM -LS
    I bet you have all heard the saying “You are what you eat! If you only eat fries and chicken, you are fast and cheap!” No?Ok, then I bet you have heard of this other one, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It’s ... more
  • 1 month Actor Nick Mutuma breaks silence after allegations he sexually assaulted a woman in 2016 resurface Citizen -LS
    Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma has broken his silence, 4 years after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a viral Twitter thread. In a statement posted to Twitter on Monday, Mutuma said the resurfacing of the 2016 allegations had presented a week-long nightmare to him and ... more
  • 1 month Rise in Malawi suicide cases linked to COVID-19 Citizen -LS
    Malawi suicide cases have increased by 57% since the start the coronavirus pandemic. Psychologists blame loss of hope in dealing with social distancing and economic problems from COVID-19. Emily Luangwa recalls how her brother was under pressure to repay a loan from his creditors before he took his ... more
  • 1 month First Lady Margaret Kenyatta urges early cancer screening, treatment Citizen -LS
    First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has encouraged Kenyans to go for early screening and treatment as a step towards winning the war against cancer. The First Lady reaffirmed her support for ongoing efforts to scale up breast cancer awareness to save women’s lives through her Beyond Zero initiative. “We ... more
  • 1 month Crippled by Lake Baringo’s fluoride waters, women struggle to survive Citizen -LS
    Located 285 km (177 miles) north of the capital, Nairobi, in the Rift Valley, Lake Baringo is teeming with crocodiles, fish and hippopotamuses. Spanning 168 square km (65 square miles), the lake is a vital source of income for tens of thousands of people – from fishermen to ... more
  • 1 month Dos and Wamuyu Kariuki set off to motorkbike around the world – but run into COVID Citizen -LS
    Dos and Wamuyu Kariuki loved adventure almost as much as they loved each other. So two months after they got married, they quit their jobs and set off in 2018 to motor-bike across all the seven continents. “It is unlike Africans to travel and take that kind of ... more
  • 1 month 1 park Avenue, Parklands: state-of-the-art green design building CapitalFM -LS
    Nairobi’s skyline is currently in the midst of an unprecedented architectural boom, with beautiful structures coming up, offering panoramic views that are transforming the city. If you are an Architectural aficionado or a photographer for that matter, you will most certainly delight and marvel at the new beautiful designs, ... more
  • 1 month B Club soundproofs walls ahead of NEMA inspection following uproar over noise Citizen -LS
    The management of popular entertainment joint B Club now says it has sound proofed the entire establishment in compliance with directives by the National Environment Authority (NEMA) on noise levels ahead of a looming inspection. This comes after a section of area residents under the Kilimani Project Foundation ... more
  • 1 month Princess of Jordan Sarah Zeid’s visit to Isiolo sheds light on maternal health Citizen -LS
    Princess of Jordan Sarah Zeid visited Isiolo County on Friday where she interacted with nursing mothers and their children. She also toured Kambi Sheikh village in Burat ward where locals farm fruits and vegetables as well fish with support from the World Food Program (WFP). “I am happy ... more
  • 2 months ‘Black gold’: How global demand for hair products is linked to forced labor in Chinese camps Citizen -LS
    For the past decade, Mikayla Lowe Davis has been braiding and styling hair for her customers. “The first thing people see a lot of times is our hair,” she says. “We have to represent our crown and be confident with wearing it.” The 29-year-old stylist, who owns Mikki ... more
  • 2 months First Lady Margaret Kenyatta pushes for enhanced digital inclusion for persons with disabilities Citizen -LS
    First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has called for enhanced digital inclusion for persons with disabilities so as to eliminate technological barriers that prevent them from accessing services. The First Lady said the need for digital solutions has been amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic which has made it necessary for ... more
  • 2 months How To Improve Your Emotional Well-being This October CapitalFM -LS
    “Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams, according to your vision and purpose, instead of the expectations and opinions of others” – Roy Benet There are multiple, important moving parts that make up our overall well-being and it is equally important to make sure that ... more
  • 2 months New Nollywood film ‘Oloture’ sheds light on human trafficking in Nigeria Citizen -LS
    Dressed in a transparent and colorful blouse, a sex worker in Lagos, the commercial center of Nigeria jumps out the window of a room at a party to avoid having sex with a potential customer. She is seen, heels in her hand, running away from the party and ... more
  • 2 months Creators of gene ‘scissors’ clinch Nobel as women sweep chemistry Citizen -LS
    Two scientists won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday for creating genetic ‘scissors’ that can rewrite the code of life, contributing to new cancer therapies and holding out the prospect of curing hereditary diseases. Emmanuelle Charpentier, who is French, and American Jennifer Doudna share the 10 ... more
  • 2 months A shocking number of women are dropping out of U.S. workforce Citizen -LS
    Hundreds of thousands of women — nearly eight times more than the number of men — dropped out of the US labor force last month, as the pandemic continues to exacerbate inequalities in America’s economy. About 617,000 women left the workforce in September alone, compared with only 78,000 ... more
  • 2 months Singapore will pay citizens to have a baby during the pandemic Citizen -LS
    Singapore will offer a one-time payment to aspiring parents during the coronavirus pandemic. The country’s deputy prime minister said the incentive would help reassure people who face financial pressure and are worried about their jobs. “We have received feedback that Covid-19 has caused some aspiring parents to postpone ... more
  • 2 months Simple Guide to Color Meanings in Feng Shui CapitalFM -LS
    Are you in the process of trying to find the meaning of life? Are you doing away with things that don’t spark joy in your life anymore and only adding and investing in ones that do? Well then, I might be able to help with that, especially when ... more
  • 2 months Inside Hennessy X.O. 150th anniversary fancy celebrations in Nairobi CapitalFM -LS
    In 1870, Maurice Hennessy created Hennessy X.O for his circle of friends and introduced a new style of cognac, that to date continues to be the jewel in the Hennessy crown, often revered as a bold, attention grabbing cognac, created for luxury. Renaud Fillioux de Girande, eighth generation master ... more
  • 2 months Tomoca Coffee Opens First International Store at Two Rivers Mall CapitalFM -LS
    Let’s start by raising a cup, in honour of International Coffee Day that was yesterday, the official opening of Tomoca’s first store in Kenya and most importantly for making it this far in 2020. A year that has been unusual to say the least.  The coffee scene in Nairobi ... more
  • 2 months #MastercardSMEMasterclass: 5 Digital Marketing lessons from Nancie Mwai, Mandi Sarro and Sharon Mundia CapitalFM -LS
    Monday, 28th September, Mastercard hosted it’s very first SME Masterclass hosted by Nancie Mwai, Mandi Sarro and Sharon Mundia who shared insights on how to best build, market and manage your brand. Here are 5 lessons and tips shared by each professional. Left to right: Nancie Mwai, Sharon Mundia ... more
  • 2 months Nairobi Garage: Reasons Why You should Consider A Co-working Space CapitalFM -LS
    It is difficult to predict what post COVID-19 offices will look like and even harder to imagine what workers will find when they return to their offices. While we prepare ourselves for a return, we would like to show you, in no particular order, our favourite office spaces in ... more
  • 2 months Here’s What Your Favorite Scent Says About You CapitalFM -LS
    We all love a good scent, don’t we? But while that statement is true we have to also recognize that not all noses were created equal. While some noses are drawn to citrusy scents, others prefer woody scents or floral scents or linen scents etc. And because of ... more
  • 2 months Spectacular, Splendid outdoor views of Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club; our epic weekend staycation CapitalFM -LS
    Set in over 100 acres of landscaped gardens, and surrounded by the Mount Kenya forest, Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club is a beautiful resort that is a feast for the eyes. From its scenic 9-hole manicured golf course that makes it the only course ‘divided’ ... more
  • 2 months Jihan Abass: Kenyan woman to represent Africa at world InsureTech Connect 2020 Citizen -LS
    Jihan Abass, a 26-year-old Kenyan woman, who set up the country’s first digital car insurance agency, has been picked to represent Africa at the world InsureTech Connect (ITC) 2020. InsureTech connect is the largest gathering of the leading minds in insurance innovation and transformation. In a statement issued ... more
  • 2 months Beautiful Workspaces: Think Place Nairobi CapitalFM -LS
    It is difficult to predict what post COVID-19 offices will look like and even harder to imagine what workers will find when they return to their offices. While we prepare ourselves for a return, we would like to show you, in no particular order, our favourite office spaces in ... more
  • 3 months Mary Mbewe wins top editorial leadership award for Africa Citizen -LS
    WAN-IFRA Women in News will on Tuesday name Mary Mbewe, Executive Editor of the Daily Nation in Zambia as the 2020 WIN Editorial Leadership Award Laureate for Africa. The announcement will be made at WAN-IFRA’s Digital Media Africa conference. Mbewe has had a prestigious career that has spanned ... more
  • 3 months Gallery Walls: The Perfect Way to Add Warmth, Color and Personality to Your Home CapitalFM -LS
    “Boring walls are for people with boring personalities”. Ok, that’s a little harsh but there’s some truth to that statement. When it comes to styling your home, your personality should shine through in one aspect or another. Your home should feel like it belongs to you. Not your ... more
  • 3 months Top Kenyan gospel singer Joyce Omondi pens new deal with Uhai brand Citizen -LS
    The makers of the Uhai haircare brand have announced a new partnership with Joyce Omondi. Joyce is a well-known Kenyan gospel singer and songwriter. “We are so excited to be working with Joyce on expanding Uhai’s presence in Kenya,” said Susan Edwards, Uhai’s Founder and CEO of S Squared Ventures, ... more
  • 3 months School in Kibera to play key role in online education conference Citizen -LS
    The Project Elimu School in Kibera, Nairobi is to play a vital role in what is billed as the ‘world’s biggest education conference’. The school, noted for its programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills, is to be part of a showcase of 100 schools which will gather online ... more
  • 3 months ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero arrested on terrorism charges Citizen -LS
    Rwanda said it had arrested Paul Rusesabagina – the man who was hailed a hero in a Hollywood movie about the country’s 1994 genocide – on terrorism charges, and paraded him in front of the media in handcuffs. Rusesabagina was played by Don Cheadle in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Hotel Rwanda’ ... more
  • 3 months EAC kicks off 50 million African Women Speak platform Citizen -LS
    The East African Community (EAC) has kicked-off national launches of the 50 Million African Women Speak Networking Platform (50MAWS). This is a digital platform aimed at empowering millions of women in Africa to start, grow and scale up their businesses. Ummy Mwalimu (Tanzania Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Seniors ... more
  • 3 months World’s most expensive sheep sold for Ksh.53million Citizen -LS
    The world’s most expensive sheep was sold for Ksh. 53million at an auction in Scotland. A breeder identified as Charlie Boden is said to have sold the sheep known as Double Diamond to a group of farmers. “The Texel is a breed that is justly famous: a highly adaptable breed ... more
  • 3 months COVID-19: Why women are losing the work-from-home battle Citizen -LS
    It’s just past 10 a.m. and my partner, on his third virtual meeting today, is working nonstop in our home office. My son has taken over the family room to attend a virtual science camp and video-editing classes and to play video games. I now realize that this will be ... more
  • 3 months OPINION: The right to live free from violence is a basic human right even as we battle COVID-19 Citizen -LS
    The right to live free from violence, to be inseparable from your right and need to keep your body to yourself, to walk unscathed from the fists of aggression plundering down on you, is a basic human right. It goes for everyone and is in dire need of execution for ... more
  • 3 months Bliss Healthcare launches ‘Doctor-at-your-Doorstep’ service Citizen -LS
    As Kenya experiences an upsurge in the number of persons with COVID-19 infection, it is becoming less tenable to isolate all patients in hospital based care treatment facilities. This is now pushing medical care providers to explore ways of providing treatment to patients at home. On Thursday, Bliss Healthcare launched ... more
  • 3 months ‘Kenya Ni Yetu’: Media owners organize concert of hope amid COVID-19 pandemic Citizen -LS
    The Media Owners Association (MOA) is organizing Kenya’s biggest concert of hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic in commemoration of the hundreds who have lost their lives and the thousands that have contracted the disease. The ‘Kenya Ni Yetu’ concert will broadcast on all leading television, radio stations and digital platforms ... more
  • 3 months Kenya: From Abu Mburu’s Lens CapitalFM -LS
    There are many types of travellers in this world. The foodies, the culture venture, the coastal junkies, and then there’s the nature lovers. Waterfalls are a source of endless fascination and prove time and time again to be one of the earth’s most captivating natural wonders. Kenya is home to ... more
  • 3 months How COVID-19 is changing the dating game Citizen -LS
    By Waithera Kahenu COVID-19 has disrupted a lot of what was normal; work, socialisation, healthcare and just general living as we know it. On the socialising front, dating may be the most affected. People may no longer be meeting randomly at restaurants or bars or going on blind dates but ... more
  • 3 months Futures destroyed: COVID-19 unleashes ‘shadow pandemics’ on Africa’s girls Citizen -LS
    Until the new coronavirus hit Kenya in March, 17-year-old schoolgirl Anna believed the world was hers for the taking. It didn’t matter that she lived in a tiny shack with her mother, who single-handedly raised three children by washing clothes for Ksh. 1,500 a week. With strong grades in English ... more
  • 3 months The Lionesses: Elite all-female ranger unit patrols in Amboseli Citizen -LS
    Purity Amleset Lakara has spent the year capturing armed poachers, running from an aggressive buffalo, and relaxing around a campfire reading “A Day Before my Wedding” as she prepares for her own marriage this month. The 24-year-old works as part of an elite all-female ranger unit named “The Lionesses,” who ... more
  • 3 months What I fear about online learning: KaYesu Machayo Citizen -LS
    I’m a Black woman starting remote education this fall, and I’m worried about what it means for my future. My mom was 17 years old and living in Uganda under the dictatorship of Idi Amin when her school was bombed in 1979. She travelled to the United States as a ... more
  • 3 months The most photographed house in Africa: African Heritage House CapitalFM -LS
    African Heritage House (AHH) sits on an 8-acre piece of land that overlooks the vast Nairobi National Park, commonly referred to as “The World’s only Wildlife Capital.” You can see animals pottering in the distance from here. Between the AHH house and the park, one also gets to see the ... more
  • 3 months Kenyans urged to take children for HPV vaccine, immunization schedules as numbers fall Citizen -LS
    Kenyans have been urged to take their children for immunization schedules after health facilities recorded low numbers following service disruption due to coronavirus. Also Read: 800,000 girls in Kenya set to receive HPV vaccine Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi said in the earlier months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the previous year ... more
  • 3 months Kenya hosts national championship for Red Bull Street Style online Citizen -LS
    Kenya is hosting the national championship for Red Bull Street Style online that will run until September 26 this year. It brings together freestylers enabling them to showcase their skills and stunts in a bid to earn the title of Kenya’s best street stylers. “This online season of Red Bull ... more
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